(Atlanta, GA) January 5th, 2016- This week Urban Female Entertainment, World Star Hit Radio and The Sheridan Group announces a new Atlanta radio show- TIME 2 SHINE RADIO SHOW. The show will air every Friday (2-6p) and will feature new music from national artists, exclusive interviews from well known names, juicy gossip and feature indie artists. Beginning this Friday, January 8th, 2016 tune in for a breath of fresh of air to the world of online radio, this week LHHATL cast member Margo Simms and WETV Jack A. Daniels will get in-depth with show host/atlanta mainstream photographer Mu Legend. With over 2.6 million listeners, WSHR is making a major presence in 2016. To book talent talent or music submission: or call (770) 744-2679.
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About Time 2 Shine Radio Show:
The Time 2 Shine Radio Show was founded 2015 and we offer all of our clients a world class of service. We specialize in the presentation and interviewing celebrities, entrepreneurs, and artists/musicians.  Our mission and focus is to make a positive difference in the lives of talented individuals while they are on their journey pursuing their career. We provide support and cater to committed individuals who are striving daily for success. We value clients that are serious, confident, competent and ambitious; we also value leadership and standards of excellence.
 Our number one priority and commitment is to offer at all times, a world-class service that enables our clients to increase their exposure and introduce them to our audience of 2.6 million listeners.  We strive to achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do, as we continuously build long-term relationships with each client as an individual. 
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