According to Mic, social media went amuck accusing VF of trying to “emasculate Black men” and “promote homosexuality.” One commenter on blogger Love B. Scott Facebook’s page went as far as to accuse the two of being on the Down-Low, saying, “No self-respecting heterosexual males pose like this naturally.”.


See, like Robert DeNiro to Martin Scorsese, Jordan and Coogler are muses for one another, having worked together on two feature films Creed and 2014’s Fruitvale Station. That bond and kinship between them is strong, like brothers. And while that may have been what the photographer was trying to capture, none of that mattered because too many folks got caught in their feelings about this image:


The fragility of Black masculinity and homophobia are just way too real folks. And a recent Vanity Fair article honoring our Baes Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler, has it sadly rearing its ugly head.


Michael B. Jordan & Director Ryan Coogler.. It’s love between 2 black men. The image is strong & necessary. ❤️✊ — Sampson (@OfficialSampson) March 6, 2016


So because of lovebetweenmen I ride for Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler, as long as they are riding for unconditional, universal love. — Jason Craige Harris (@JCraigeHarris) March 7, 2016


Why is this photo of MichaelBJordan & RyanCoogler causing panic? — Son of Baldwin (@SonofBaldwin) March 6, 2016


masculinitysofragile So men can’t show brotherly affection without yall turning it sexual and/or negative? — BlackityBlackYall (@isitis) March 8, 2016


If you’re not talking about @michaelb4jordan and Ryan Coogler, you will be — VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) March 3, 2016