By Fatima Gaskin

There just isn’t enough room!  Where else can you put these shoes!  They are stacked in shoe racks, hidden in furniture, hanging from the walls, stuffed under the bed and taking up all the walking space in your closet.  Shoes are the number one taking up of space “clothing” item.  Lovers of shoes have the most issues as they don’t keep a certain pair till they need to be thrown out.  No, they buy a new pair or two nearly every week.  At that rate that’s 52 pairs in just one year!!  What to do with all those shoes?!  Some innovative inventions make it fashionable to have shoes in the most random places in your house.  No longer are they restricted to the closet or under the bed. came up with 33 ingenious ways to store your shoes.  I think the most interesting way was repurposing wine crates.  Those crates can be positioned anywhere!  They can be in the bathroom, outside in the shed, or strategically placed in the living room. Another way was storing the shoes was in their original shoe box with the Instagram picture identifying the shoe hanging in the front.  I think the picture hanging from the box is an essential piece that many shoe lovers fail to do.  It leaves them with walls of boxes and no real way of identifying which shoes are which.  Either way there is hope out there for people who have soooo many shoes and limited space to put them.  Check it out to find out new ways to spruce up an old idea of organizing shoes!

Here are some examples:

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