Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Marie Brooks. I am 37 yrs old, mother of 3. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I moved to Atlanta 4 years ago to continue my career in the Real Estate Industry.

Can you tell us what ‘Shewlery’ is? How did the company come to be?

Shewlery is exactly what it sounds like, “Jewelry for Shoes”, ladies heels to be exact. Its a quick and inexpensive but very stylish way to add a little sexy and uniqueness to almost any pair of heels. We sale our products in wholesale packages to retailers, boutiques as well as independent agents.

I first had the idea of shoe jewelry a couple of years ago when my oldest daughter was going to a school dance and the colors of her dress had a blue that I just could not find any shoes to match. So I bought her a pair of plain black shoes and cut small pieces from her dress that I could easily hide and glued them to her shoes. People were so impressed with my idea. After that, I always had it in the back of my mind that I would pursue this as a business one day. I actually found some products that closely matched what I was looking for and shortly created the Shewlery Brand.

What is one of your most popular items that people purchase?

The Shewlery Heel Rings have been my best seller by far because the product is so unique. To be so small they make a big statement and basically can give a whole new look to a pair of plain heels. They come several different colors so the styles are endless.

You recently had an event in Atlanta, can you tell us some of the highlights of the night?

Yes, I had the official launch of my brand, Shewlery Brand LLC. I also decided to make it a networking event as well for other entrepreneurs to be able to network and showcase their products as well.

The connections that were made had to be the biggest highlight. To be able to watch new business owners with the same hopes of becoming successful like myself exchange business ideas, experiences and even develop new friendships all from an event that I put together felt very rewarding.

What do you love about heels? Why?

I am a short girl, 5’2″ to be exact and wearing heels have always made me feel more feminine, powerful and sexy. I am known by my friends as having an extensive heel collection which I pride myself on. I love to make a statement. Even if you see me and don’t remember my outfit, you will probably remember my shoes!

What are some future Shewlery accessories we can look forward to?

Shewlery will definitely be adding more unique shoe accessories as well as extending our inventory to include shoes and jewelry.

With other shoe accessories out there, what sets you a part from the rest?

Shewlery is not just the name of the company, its a brand. So our pieces represent a lifestyle not just an accessory and that lifestyle is confidence, sexiness and originality.

How can our readers keep in contact with you and make purchases?

To reach me, you can follow @myshewlery on IG, Twitter and Facebook. The website to purchase products is

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