In today’s world of breaking the Internet, it’s refreshing to have a new breed of celebrity: The Activist. Veronica Grey is the award winning documentary filmmaker of the environmental piece titled “Worst Shark Attack Ever” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and The Cure. As such, this supermodel shares the 2015 Special Humanitarian Award with Leonardo DiCaprio for their tireless efforts to salvage the environment. Thanks to him,
she is now considered A-List.

This supermodel invented shark repellent swimwear and wetsuits which she models herself, as well as clothing from her Eco-friendly beach line “Gun of a Barrel” which is why Women and Shoes names Veronica Grey as Supermodel of the Year.


Can you tell our readers your name and what company/brand you represent?

My name is Veronica Grey and I represent myself. Oh, and God, Jehovah Elohim, through our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

What lead you down the path of modeling?

Lead singer of MGMT Andrew Vanwyngarden always thought I should reveal who I am to the world, so he was the one who like, pushed me off the cliff. I either swam, or died. Well, here I am, not unplugged.

Can you tell us a little about your documentary, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, titled ‘Worst Shark Attack Ever’?

Basically I have been invited to the Oscars in 2016 by my friend and its associate producer Alexandria Altman (producer of Snow Moon) to discuss it with the Hollywood heavyweights. It was edited entirely using ONLY an iPhone5 and this style of filming is now called “New Media.” We won some new media awards this year – quite a few actually, and everyone is more than welcome to watch it free on

It also stars The Cure, BTW. And finally, we hope the Oscars someday has a New Media category and ummm, we’d like to thank the Academy.

How was your experience being a featured guest on ‘Good Morning America’?

Well I love the producers of course. Paige M helped book me and I am super grateful to her and the rest of the staff. One of the producers commented that she really liked the tea leaf lei I wore as a crown since I am known as “The Queen of Surfing” and that really boosted my confidence just before the camera started rolling.

Tell us about your shark repellent swimwear and why it’s different from others.

There is NO OTHER LINE of shark repellent bathing suits on the planet. We are the only company, Swim Without Sharks, that has shark repellent board shorts, rash guards, swimsuits, surfboards, you name it. We have it legally trademarked and welcome the opportunity for the right distributor to license it and get it into every sporting goods store in the world. Let’s save lives and limbs together!

With all the activist work that you do, does winning the 2015 Special Humanitarian Award give your chosen career path validation?

You know that WASN’T why we work so hard to save the planet; however, it is fun to receive awards and go pick them up and be welcomed into “A list” society.

What makes your clothing line ‘Gun of a Barrel’ so Eco-friendly?

It’s the material. Organic cotton. Not the stuff that’ll hurt the environment.

What are some future plans that you see for your company/brand?

I mentioned Alexandria Altman. She is producing an awesome “Cinderalla Chronicles” feature project titled “Snow Moon” and she cast me in this as the voice of the Oracle.

MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular is partially about me and Andrew; I guess I can’t escape being an oracle. You either are or you aren’t. It must be part of my macro. Anyway I love Alexandria and look forward to working with her more and more. She is like a sister to me and she looks like a mermaid!

What are your social media links, website etc., so that our readers can keep up with you?

Ummm, superstar surfer John John Florence sort of told me to stay off the Internet and spend more time in the water so I don’t do it that much anymore; however, all friends and fans welcome to

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