Tomika Prouty, Owner & CEO of House of Stone by CoCo, LLC, is a Celebrity & Consumer Jewelry Designer, Visionary who launched House of Stone by CoCo as an online company in August 2014. The company initially started with the sale of t-shirts that displayed positive, Christian messages such as “Turn’t Up 4 JESUS” and rapidly expanded into an international market with customers in Germany, France and Kuwait. The House of Stone, provides uniquely designed, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, which exudes Elegance, Grace & Sophistication.

Tomika currently resides in Hinesville, GA and like most entrepreneurs Tomika has her hands full as a wife, mother and active Military personnel. Yes, this lady is a Soldier and has dedicated many years of her life serving this country and is nearing retirement. This is her time to shine and she is making her mark by designing for Grammy Award Winner Chrisette Michelle, , Personal Chef to Floyd “Money” Mayweather, CHEF Q., Singer / Songwriter Terrell T-Rex Simon, Executive Producer, Celebrity Editor & Host, Laura “TheSoulWriter” Poindexter, and the list goes on!

Tomika’s first Runway Show “Road2Fashion” Atlanta, GA-2015 where she was commissioned to designed 13 exclusive pieces for this elite show. Tomika has also designed jewelry exclusively for the Beauty & Boots 1st Annual Charity Fashion Show & Gala.

Tomika has been featured in a myriad of magazines such as Divine Voice Magazine, February, May, June & August 2015 editions; Fresh Oil Magazine, March 2015 edition; Girls of Royalty Magazine, April 2015 edition; E3 Magazine, May 2015 edition (continuous) & Exposure Magazine, June 2015, She-Praise Magazine-Blog, June 2015 and New Look Fashion Magazine, September 2015; featured in an upcoming edition of Black Boost Magazine, TBD, Elite Magazine, November 2015 and again in Divine Voice Magazine, November 2015, which will feature my exclusive photoshoot / Launch Party, September 2015. I have been chosen as an honoree presenter for the, E3 Magazine tribute to Denzel Washington, Atlanta, February 2016.

Due to Tomika’s strong business acumen she was offered the opportunity to host her own two-hour segment on The Literary Corner International-Blog Talk Radio/Podcast. This appearance was the highest rated segment in the shows history, based on these ratings, she was offered her very own 2 hour radio slot, on a bi-monthly basis.

Tomika has proven that she can take the dream of entrepreneurship and turn it into a reality, accomplishing amazing things in less than one year! Tomika has plans for a clothing line to compliment her jewelry and would also like to share her story through authorship! House of Stone by CoCo, LLC, is here to stay and Tomika does not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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