TiffanyJ is a multi-talented Inspirational Soul artist on the rise. With the release of her first solo album “Bird’s Eye View”, TiffanyJ’s star continues to burn bright. Not only is she an amazing artist, this songstress is also a graphic designer and songwriter. With talent, beauty and brains, TiffanyJ is sure to go far.

“When you are fresh and original, there is no need to worry about competition.” – TiffanyJ

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Inspirational Soul Artist TiffanyJ releases a mixed-media musical collection

Columbia, SC, November 1, 2014:  It’s been two years since TiffanyJ introduced herself to the world as a solo artist with her debut single “Flying Solo”. Since then, she has worked extremely hard to continue her solo music career and better define herself as an artist.

​TiffanyJ has released her first solo music project, “Bird’s Eye View” EP, but with a twist. The project includes both audio and video for each song on the EP, a trend the artist credits Beyonce’ for. The “Bird’s Eye View” Music Movies collection includes five beautifully crafted musical pieces, “DRAW”, the title track “Bird’s Eye View”, “Beauty, You Are”, “How You Make Me Feel”, and of course “Flying Solo”. All the songs were written by Tiffany Joyce Wider (TiffanyJ) and produced by Praylonn Prince. The music videos were crafted by her manager and artistic partner Corey John, and filmed and edited by rapper and film producer VAthaBossChick.

“Bird’s Eye View” EP is available worldwide on her website iTunes is the only digital distributor carrying both the songs and videos, as other outlets such as Amazon and Google Play only carry the music portion of the EP.

Check out the video of “How You Make Me Feel”: 

Inspirational Soul Artist TiffanyJ has one of the most unique and incomparable musical styles and sound. Her powerful voice alone engages listeners both young and old. TiffanyJ is a singer and songwriter creating a soulful approach to melodic art that is guaranteed to uplift those who witness her gift.




What does the ‘Birds Eye View’ album represent?

An elevated perspective of life from above…. As humans, we tend to allow what other folk say have a huge impact on how we view life. Their opinions can make or break us. We often times forget that God is the creator of this universe, and He does all things well. There is not one better than the other; no big “I’s” and little “you’s”. This project takes the approach of viewing life the way God intended. The material I write encourages and inspires people to become comfortable with themselves and suggests that they focus on the positives in life so much that the negatives don’t exist. That’s what “Bird’s Eye View” is all about.


How would you describe your music?

I think my music is soulful and colorful. It’s different, but yet similar in style to a lot of neo soul artists but yet heavily lyrically contained. I am not a riff and run singer, but I think I have a strong tone.

What is the message you want everyone to get when listening to your music?

At the end of the day, I want people to say “TiffanyJ inspires me to be me”. I think it’s important that we love ourselves for who God made us to be. Once we do that, our purpose in life will be more clear and I think we’ll enjoy life a whole lot more.

So, tell our readers about ‘Tip Toe Shoes’ & what it is about.

Tip Toe Shoes!!! My new baby! I am working on a sneaker line, and I’m naming it Tip Toe (of course it’s named after me lol). I have ALWAYS been a sneaker head. I used to save my allowance as a kid just to by sneakers. I’m not big on labels, although I have a few favorite brands, but I’m more attracted to style and color. I’m not a black and white person, so my sneaker line will have a taste of bold color. Here’s a sneak peek of 2 of the styles…

We noticed that you are also a graphic designer, what other talents do you have?

Yes, I’m a full time graphic designer and web developer. Of course, I sing, I’m a songwriter, and I tutor math.. I have also had a hand in video production.

Do you wear heels? Why or why not?

Not often, I do for certain occasions, but you will mostly find me rocking a pair of sneakers.. I’ve kinda branded myself that way. I CAN wear heels, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE being comfortable… and heels, I can’t wear for long periods of time.

What advice do you have for the young woman wanting to follow in your steps & live their dreams?

Listen and REPEAT after me “Nobody can do me better than me!” I tell people that everywhere I go.. God only made one of me, and I’m nobody’s competition but my own… I’m only trying to be better than the girl I was yesterday. So,in order to see your dreams come true, you gotta first believe in yourself, and also, realize that WORK is necessary. Don’t depend on someone else to get you to the place you’ve been trying to get to your whole life. You gotta endure and WORK for it..

Where can your NEW album be purchased?

My new project can be purchased on my website,, or iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and the rest of the digital media outlets.

Where can our readers get in contact with you?

Connect with me on Facebook (IamTiffanyJ), Twitter (@iamtiffanyj), and instagram (@iamtiffany_j)!

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