Heather Hightower is an innovative footwear brand bringing womens shoes that offer effortless style. We bring you global inspirations and something new and exciting every season. Our female run company is about empowering women to look and feel their very best at all times all while wearing classic, trend driven, unique styles. Inspired by the woman looking to always stand out from the crowd, we offer her confidence, the ability to be on trend and stay true to being herself.


How did you get started with your business?

I’ve been in love with shoes since I was a little girl….I went to college for fashion and after graduating and a few years of research I launched the line.

Can you tell us the styles of your shoes you carry?

We carry beautiful pumps and sexy stilettos, we are expanding the line in Spring 2016 and we will carry flats, gladiators, booties and more.

Do you also take custom orders?

We do custom orders for boutiques. For example if they’d like to have a signature style of their own, we make it happen.

What was the craziest idea you have designed on a pair of shoes?

I designed a shoe once using dinosaur bones. I was playing around with my son and we did the project together. It was a fun way to get him involved in my work!

Who are some of your clients that have worn your shoes?

Fantasia Barrino, the soulful superstar from American Idol, Ariane Andrew, WWE wrestler/Total Divas Star, and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Elle Varner, to name a few.

Is it difficult to start a shoe company like yours?

It is difficult, it takes a lot of time, diligence and patience.

What would an aspiring shoe designer expect when starting their own?

They can expect nothing to go as planned! You’ve got to adapt to your situation and make the best of it. You can almost always expect ups and downs, but you’ve got to stick with it and work hard. If you do, the chances of it making you happy and being rewarding are good.

How do you find inspirations for your designs?

I find inspirations from my travels and places I want to travel to. There are so many unique things to see around the world and I want to incorporate them into Heather Hightower looks. I also find inspiration from everyday women. I want her to be comfortable and stylish in her Heather Hightower shoes.

How can our readers keep in contact with you and purchase your products?

They can purchase via our website and they can connect with us via social media IG: @Heather_HightowerMiami and Facebook:

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