Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Taiece Lanier was easily influenced by Hollywood glamour. Her effortless chic sense of style along with her innate eye for color, texture and balance has made her expertise highly sought-after.

As a Fashion graduate of International University of Arts and Design, Taiece moved to Miami, Florida in 2002, working in all areas of fashion including editorial, showrooms and retail, working as a visual stylist for high end department stores, exclusive boutiques. and fashion representative for many brands including Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Rebecca Taylor, Parker just to name a few. Taiece has over 11 years of fashion styling experience and enjoys helping women look their best. The inspiration for Closet Editors happened when, one of her clients asked if she could edit her friends closet in LA. Taiece couldn’t make it to LA, so she called a stylist that she knew in LA to help her client edit their closet. The stylist enjoyed the editing process and the client was very happy! At that moment Taiece realized that she wanted to help women all over the world and not just in Miami and West Palm Beach. It would be impossible for her to be in two cities at one time, she would need stylist in all the major cities to help women live a clutter free lifestyle and define their style. That’s when “The Closet Editors Agency was born.

Closet Editors Agency helps women entrepreneurs and busy professionals ASSESS their wardrobe, ORGANIZE their closet and DEFINE their style. Closet Editors Agency offers in home Closet Editing, Jet-Set Packing, Personal Lookbook services in Miami, Los Angeles , New York and virtual services to clients all over the world through Skype.

Taiece Lanier “The Closet Editor” is an author, mother of 2 daughters, entrepreneur and currently a style coach to women entrepreneurs and busy professionals, helping them obtain an organized, functional and versatile closet , that will help them dress well, look the part and be confident in any situation. She offers virtual one on one coaching sessions for clients anywhere in the world.

“Your CLOSET is your pathway to style” -Taiece Lanier “The Closet Editor”

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