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John Dickson:

How did you come up with Texas Heat?

I’ve always wanted to do an action film. After living in Dallas some over the last few years and seeing a few things around in the streets, I was like dang its HOT around here. Then one day it hit me …. Texas Heat.

Can you tell us what it is about?

It’s about two burnt ops agents that work for the crooked Government of Texas.

Where can the film be seen?

It will premier at the Texas theater August 19 2015 for Israel Luna film competition Rack Focus!!
We are also waiting to here back from a few film festivals including one in Miami for February 2016.

How different was it working with this Director as opposed to the last film you were featured in?

Working with the Crum Brothers on Texas Heat was awesome. They kept close to my vision for the film and the truly brought it to life with their patients and talent.

How do you work on learning your lines?

Sometimes I just read them over and over. Sometimes I record my self on my phone then play it back throughout the day as I drive to work!!

What other projects are you working on that we should look out for?

Well I just finished feature film Ellie and Texas Heat. How ever I will be filming soon on a film called ‘Caught Up‘.

How is it like working on action films like the ones you are currently featured in?

It has been an exciting ride on set with all the guns, cars, girls and more.

How can we keep up with your upcoming projects and updates?

As always find me on YouTube , Google and Facebook. Just type ‘John Charles Dickson’.


Chrissy Kachurak:


As a producer, how difficult was it to work on an action film like ‘Texas Heat’?

It was a challenge but I enjoy challenges. It took a lot of preparing /pre-production planning to make our shooting schedule work and happen without any problems. We had a great cast and crew for the project and that is one of the most important things. They become your family.

How long have you been a producer?

I’ve been a producer since March of this year, but for my regular job, I’ve been an assistant for many years, which taught to have a good work ethic and be persistent and tenacious. A friend suggested that I come to a production meeting and help out on his new project. I was only supposed to be working as Production Assistant, but when the management found out that I am an Assistant in my job and have tons of organizational skills and planning, etc, they asked me to become Producer for the project. Since then, I’ve been an Executive Producer, Assistant Director, Producer, sound, lights, wardrobe, catering. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

What other films have you produced?

I’ve worked on a trailer for Ghosts of Paper City, a feature film called Ellie, another short film called Bad Day: The Spellcasters Guide (first in a series), Rumble 88 (short film), and doing pre-production work on a web series called Looking For Trouble. I’m also Assistant Director on a short called Vampire Escorts, a web series called Bail Out, and a trailer called A.A.O. John Charles Dickson and I have a production company together called Ark-La-Tex Productions, and we are currently writing a script for the Texas Heat full length film.

What advice do you have for young producers wanting to get recognized for their work?Never give up on any dreams that you have. I wanted to get into film since I was in high school and college. Those plans didn’t work out and my life took a different path. God placed this dream in my heart and last year I chose to follow it. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it. Go out and prove them wrong.

What do you love most about being a producer? What is your least favorite about being a producer?

I love putting everything together, getting it organized, ready to go, making sure we have every little detail ready to go. The least favorite thing, sometimes it’s tough to get what you want for a prop, location, wardrobe, etc. Don’t compromise or give up, you will find it.

Where can we see more of your work?

I’m on Social Media. You can find me on Facebook under Chrissy Kachurak, I have a singer/actress/producer page under Chrissy Marie. My twitter account is @JerseyGirl19991. Our email is We’ve just started a twitter account for Ark-La-Tex, the handle is @ArkLaTexProdctn.



Photographer: Mei Yang
MUA: Savannah Jones
Purse courtesy: Lily Vasaelini


Photographer: Alan Dunkel