My name is Kiyah and I am originally from Charlotte, NC. I moved for educational reasons while down here I found myself becoming consumed with fashion and the creative aspect of it. As child in Charlotte, I grew in the fashion industry. My father had one of the first urban clothing line and store in Charlotte. I was inspired by him and I decided to start my clothing store which will be solely based by online. The name of my company is Tainted Kanva$, it is a online retail store slated to launch on April 18th at our launch party on the same date.

Can you tell our readers what’s your name is and the name of your business?

My name is Kiyah and the name of my business is Tainted Kanva$.

What does ‘Tainted Kanva$’ mean/stand for?

I will start off with the “Kanva$” part , Kanva$ refers to our body being a canvas and it is our outlet for expression. We all start out in this world as a blank “Kanva$” as we grow into who we are, we add little here and there to our Kanva$. The “Tainted” part refers to our flaws and imperfections, we all are flawed but when once we are able to accept our taintedness , we are able to highlight the true art within us. For me, Tainted Kanva$ is a way to adorned our “kanva$” and imperfections that make us truly unique with fashion. The core belief for Tainted Kanva$ is “Where Fashion Imitates Art” and creating masterpieces with fashion. I should also address the spelling; it is a play on the initials of my name.

What merchandise does your company sell in your online store?

The merchandise that is sold at Tainted Kanva$ is dresses, jeans, tops/blouses, swimwear, handbags and jewelry.

We see that you currently only sell online, do you have any future plans to sell in retail?

At the moment it will be solely online, once I become more established I would love to have pop-up shops throughout Atlanta and other major cities like maybe every three months.

Can you tell us what attendees can expect from your ‘Tainted Kanva$’ launch party in April?

Yes, I am super excited about this event. The Tainted Kanva$ launch party event is an opportunity to expose Atlanta to my business and expose myself to potential customers and collaborators in Atlanta. The launch party will provide guests with the opportunity to see some of the merchandise that will be available for purchase before anyone else and they will have a chance to buy as well. We have a live countdown for the launching of the website during the party. We have specialty drinks, food and desserts. Every guest will receive a swag bag filled with Tainted Kanva$ items and business cards from our sponsors of the grand prize giveaway. There is a grand prize giveaway for one lucky guest that is full of all types of surprises. It is a celebration of seeing a dream becoming a reality.

Does your company make the clothes that you sell?

No, we do not currently. I would love to once I become more familiar with the industry. We do have t-shirts that will have sayings on them that we come with.

Where do you see your company in five years?

In five years, I see my company being a name that everyone recognized. I actually can visualize people walking down the street saying “I got that from Tainted Kanva$”. I also see my company getting closer towards my ultimate goal of becoming the next Forever 21, Nasty Gal and Missguided.

Being that your father was your inspiration for you wanting to create your own clothing brand, what are some aspects that you’ve taken from him to help scale your business?

The main thing is remaining positive, he told me that it would not be easy and you will feel discouraged but it will be worth in the end. I understand what he was referring to now because even though I am just starting out, things do not go as planned. He was the one that encouraged me to do the online route instead of storefront to prevent some of the expenses you have with a store and you are able to reach more people via internet. My dad is very active in telling me the correct ways to start a business, handle a business and have longevity. I would have to say without his prior guidance, I would not be as prepared as I am right now. Instead of rushing to put my business out there, I been planning and scheduling everything for the right moment.

Where can we keep up with your updates?

Updates are usually found out our social media accounts which are taintedkanvas for Instagram and Facebook. We also have a newsletter signup on our website currently that will keep you posted as well,


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