Hunter shared that this teacher frequently speaks to his students in such a disrespectful tone but she’s the only one that’s been brave enough to come forth. “I don’t think it’s ok. I don’t think he should be here,” said the teen.


Attorney Ben Windham has since taken on the case pro bono after Hunter’s mother, Cathy Wright was underwhelmed with the school’s lack of urgency in looking into the situation.


Despite having what many would believe to be sufficient evidence for the teacher to be terminated or reprimanded, the school district has yet to discipline the administrator. In a statement to the media, Greene County schools commented, “Federal and state law place substantial limits on what a school district can publicly say.”


After asking a question, the teacher became annoyed with the teen. On a school issued ipad, Hunter recorded the unidentified administrator saying, “I have been around 37 years, and clearly, you are the dumbest girl I have ever met.”


Shaniaya Hunter is an eleventh grade student in Greensboro, GA. Due to an eye condition, she occasionally misses school. While trying to catch up prior to a test, Hunter says her teacher verbally abused her.