Can you tell our readers your names?

P: My name is Paula Campbell. My role in the play was Melody.

C: Chandra Currelley, I play mom.

Can you tell us what ‘The Strength of Love‘ is about?

P: ‘The Strength Of Love’ is a story about a couple (Tony and Melody) who are entering into the second stage of marriage. They experience so much turmoil which makes it unclear as to if their love is strong enough to stand. Melody also has issues with her dad and Tony’s best friend is even having some issues with another friendship. ‘The Strength Of Love’ for me was a real description of everyday life and problems that people often try to hide. It’s a story that teaches through patience, God of course, friendship, family and love. It’s possible to overcome any obstacle with the ones you love.

How long have each of you been acting on a live stage?

P: I’ve done some stage plays in the past but because they were quite some time ago I’d like to say I’m pretty new to stage plays.

C: Over 15 years.

How was it working with each other?

P: It was great working with the other actors. Everyone had something different to bring to the table and they were all supportive of each other. There was a genuine care for everyone.

C: It was a close cast. We laughed and discovered things about each character together!

How can an aspiring actor/actress prepare to audition for a live production?

P: Take on different characters, come out of your comfort zone, read up on and research the actors who inspire you and what acting requires. And if you know the role you are auditioning for try to become that character. 

C: Get as much info about the piece you’re auditioning for.

How long does it take to put a production like yours together? 

P: Rehearsals were about 2 months. I have no idea as to how long they prepped before actors were hired.

How was it working with Baz Brothers Production?

P: It was good. It was easy. Everybody was a great part of the team.

C: They provided a professional and creative environment.

What are some other plays that you all have been a part of?

P: I did a play called “Can A Good Woman Change A Bad Man” and another one called “Free”.

C: I’ve done lots a variety from “Rejoice” directed by Tony winner Kenny Leon, “Jesus Christ Superstar Gospel” @ The Alliance in Atlanta to over 6 Tyler Perry productions including “Madea’s Big Happy Family”.

Is it more difficult as an actor or actress to perform live on stage?

P: The only thing more difficult about live stage is having to remember lines and blocking. You do not get a chance to clean it up or redo it… Once you’re on stage you perform to the best of you abilities and mistakes at that time are not acceptable.

C: It’s always a creative challenge.

How do you prepare for it?

P: The best way to prepare for stage is to study you script. Become the character.

Do you ever have accidents or a missed line during a live performance?

P: I have missed a complete paragraph before.

C: Sometimes you’ll forget a line and you’ll have to depend on the other actors to get you back on track.

Do you just keep going?

P: I absolutely keep going and the other actors, who I think are awesome kept going as well.

How can our readers keep up with you?

P:, Instagram – PaulaCampbell,,

C: Go to, Twitter & Facebook

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