It never ceases to amaze us how many men there are who create women’s shoes. From Yves Saint Laurent to Christian Louboutin the love for heels continues to cross the gender line & thrive right beside the business women. The same applies to the owner of PYNK Shoes as we interviewed him on his journey to designing women’s heels. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘pynk’? Read the full interview below & let us know what you think!

Thank you for having this interview with us. Can you tell our readers about yourself?

So….My name is Jesse Williams. I am a 33 year old dude with a wife and four children that range from age fourteen to 1 year old. I have only a few things in life that have made me who I am; My faith in God, my family, military and the love I have for shoes. Not a fetish though (haha), I just have this weird knack for observing women in shoes and how well they go with their outfits, but mostly their personalities. I can only attribute this love of shoes to my mother mostly, but I have a huge family that is mostly women; very stylish ones. I have a healthy love for women’s fashion as a person’s choice in style says a great deal about their respective personalities, but I really only like the classic styles because I think the outfit should be a compliment of of the woman’s natural beauty.

What made you want to start this type of business?

Over the years I have heard it all in regards to style, cost, quality, color, and most importantly the comfort of the many different brands of shoes. After hearing all the “complaints”, the majority of women would sacrifice a little comfort for the right color, price, and quality. I had thought it was about the brand and all these years…. when it is really about the look for for the majority. So one day, after many failed visits to find the perfect pump to go with my wife’s wedding dress, she turned to me and said “you know I just wish there were shoes that were sexy, classy, a little comfortable, and is it too much to ask for it to not look like a bag of skittles”. After this I thought about why most most women have have so many pairs of shoes…. each shoe goes with different outfit outfit and in most cases quite literally. This inspired me to make classy versatile styles, in classic colors, and offer for reasonable price because every woman deserves to have sexy classy shoes that don’t need a mortgage.

Who comes up with your shoe designs?

I come up with the designs myself mostly, but I welcome the opinions of my close women friends to critique and also send pictures of their favorite styles to inspire other styles.

What type of heels do you sell in your boutique?

We sell mostly platform fashion pumps, booties, and sandals that range from 3 inch to almost 6 inches, but we do have a few non platform designs that are just as sexy as well.

Are all of your shoes custom-made?

Not all are custom made, but we do take custom orders for weddings and special events upon request.

What does PYNK stand for?

It is the color my daughters love, but I chose this name because pink is the most subtle and also the most impressionable color a woman can wear in my opinion. It is the perfect balance of what a classy woman represents to me.

Where can we purchase some of your items?

You will be able to purchase on, our website, and also various boutiques throughout the country and in the United Kingdom.

We have a lot of business women who read our magazine, what kind of outfit do you think would go perfect with a pair of PYNK heels for a business meeting?

I tell any woman that a pencil skirt and blouse will still turn heads and amaze.

What is the highest heel that you sell?

The highest heel we sell is nearly 6 inches, yet the few that are wearing them right now say it doesn’t feel like that high until they they stand next to their spouses, but the men don’t complain haha.

What advice do you have for up and coming shoe designers?

Never give up. This industry industry is industry is the hardest to get into so don’t get discouraged by naysayers.  This past summer I almost gave up. Thanks to my wife, best friend and a bartender for talking to me and just encouraging me to stick with my dream as I had made up in my mind that it would never happen. I have been at this business for about 5 years and I have put in, after all said and done, about $20k plus time and energy, but last summer I had told my wife that I was going to abandon the shoe idea for a while until we had ample money to invest (newsflash – you never have enough money). I went to work that night and the bartender was was closing up and asked me a few questions about myself and my shoe business came up. He asked to see my designs and reluctantly showed him because no one seemed interested in them before. He asked me when the shoes would be done and I said I don’t know. He asked why? After telling the whole story as to why I hadn’t produced yet, he laughed, “you are scared to spend $500 dollars?”. I said “Uh yeah”. Greg told me he had just spent nearly $20k on his app, Soapbox on Apple platform, and I immediately felt ridiculous and went home to purchase my first prototype; I now have twelve shoe styles and still adding monthly. In short, avoid loans if you can, be patient, & never give up

Where can our readers contact you and get updates on your new designs?

Readers can contact us @,  and

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