With all the fitness crazes there are in the world today there are many that involve working out in Heels or Stilettos. If you purchased/downloaded the 5th & 4th issue you will notice the fitness articles about working out in heels. This article is no different. We bring to you ‘Steel & Stilettos’!


Q: Can you tell our readers about Steel & Stilettos Fitness? When & where do you hold classes?

A: Steel & Stilettos is a fusion fitness program. The objective of this program is to uniquely blend a balance of body weight strength training, low impact cardiovascular exercises, and sexy movements; with an added emphasis on confidence building. With fitness, we encourage participants to strut their stuff, while focusing on glutes, legs, core, and abdominals. High Heels are used in the final segment of the class to allow participants to experience proprioception once targeted muscles have been stimulated. The class combines diverse music genres and tempos, along with exercises and affirmations throughout; to tone and sculpt mind and body. Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ is currently touring the US and abroad hosting Master Classes to demo the format to studios, gyms and private engagements. Classes are only being taught regularly at The Body Altitudes Health & Fitness Studio in Clearwater, Florida every Tuesday at 7:30pm by the developer Jasmine. The program is proud to have recently introduced the first SASIs (Steel and Stilettos Instructors); licensed on October 13th to teach the Steel and Stilettos Class. The SASIs are located in New York City, Cincinnati, Ohio, Paintsville, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio! Studios will be offering this class in the respective studios in just a few more weeks!

Q: How can someone get into the same line of work if they are interested in becoming an instructor?

To become a Steel and Stilettos Instructor (SASI!) you must attend an instructor training for the SAS License. We are touring cities in the US offering the training to those seeking a challenge at changing people’s lives physically and mentally while having a lot of fun in the process! If you have a fitness or dance studio and would like to host training, please contact us at If you are student at a facility and would like to see the format taught there please also contact us with contact information.

Q: How did you come across starting a fitness company geared towards heels?

A: In 2013, Jasmine and the co-owners Pamela Socorro and Hasan Salaam founded Body Altitudes Health and Fitness Studio in Clearwater, Florida. Body Altitudes was designed as The Boutique of Fitness, offering a variety of diverse and exciting classes, much like the owners! Their combined experience in health and wellness allowed for creative approaches to helping their clients meet their goals. They also wanted to offer a format that would replace the self-doubt and negative perceptions that members are often presented with in regards to their fitness potential. The concept of Steel and Stilettos met all of those requirements; as it is physically challenging, encourages personal interpretation of sexy and provides a mental workout.

Q: What do you find sexy about heels/stilettos? Why do you love heels?

A: I find the psyche of a woman in heels to be the sexiest….when we take the time to dress up we are putting time into ourselves physically and that adds to our existing confidence. I love the different styles and what each shoe says it’s owner on any given day! There is a difference in a Kitten Heel and a Stiletto! I also find that our posture is its absolute best when we are strutting in a stylish pair of heels, adding a special flare to our presence. As a fitness professional, I must say that besides style stilettos are not functional footwear; which it is why we find it important to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support our time in heels. We also warn our students that in order to preserve their beautiful stems (legs) and back etc…heels should be worn sparingly.

Q: What advice do you have for women who rarely wear heels or have never worn them but want to feel sexy?

A: The most important thing for all women to know is that there are so many ways to express sexiness; for me specifically sexy is just another definition for confidence. I have seen some of the most confidence women strut in sneakers and the meekest in the sharpest thigh highs! It is not the heel that makes the women, but it sure makes being a woman fun! Heels should not be intimidating, it’s great that now we have so many types of heels that women can work their sexy in. It is great to be in a pair that are comfortable and express your personal style—that is ultimately when you will feel the sexiest!

Q: What is one of the most interesting things a woman can learn in your class?

A: Participants have permission to express and release their inhibitions through dance themes, creating a dynamic and exciting fitness experience. Steel and Stilettos creates a safe atmosphere for participants that are defining/redefining their self-esteem and self-image. Steel and Stilettos is a hot, sexy and sultry workout designed for everyone and modified to their level of comfort and fitness. What makes Steel and Stilettos unique is the sexy component, which takes the focus away from the mundane exercise routine. Encouragement received during this class improves participant’s likelihood to adhere to the program until they get results. They keep coming back because it allows them to incorporate individuality into each class. I have seen my students get stronger physically and mentally. They come in each class and try a more challenging modification of the exercises and their stance gets taller, shoulders pulled further back and head an inch higher! It’s an amazing transformation of self-esteem as well as physical strength.

Q: We noticed that you specialize in Erotic Touch Services & Fetish Training; can you can us more about what they are?

A: Aside from Body Altitudes Health and Fitness, I am the owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLC. Jet Setting Jasmine is a mobile company that designs sensual edgy events and provides consultation and services for singles, couples and groups with a sexy adult experience in mind. I work closely with King of Sensual Noire to offer clients with top of the line Elevation Products & Education, Playful Pole Lessons and more. Jet Setting Jasmine partnered with King of Sensual Noire to provide clients with more access to their fantasies with a safe environment to explore touch paired with everything from sensory stimulation, such as the Fire & Ice massage to sensory deprivation, such as the Shades of Grey massage package. It was a perfect match, because King makes sure that our clients are dictating their time, becoming more aware of their personal preferences. This has been one of the more empowering aspects of the Fantasy Flights. Jasmine and King also work together to provide Erotic Touch Demonstrations and workshops, to share techniques that clients can use in their most intimate moments. The Fetish Training has recently been one of our most sought after Fantasy Flight experiences. King and I are Master Fetish Trainers, which do a great deal of work consulting with client’s (singles and couples) on sexual empowerment, redefining of sexuality, exploration of roles and many other unconventional approaches to intimacy issues and curiosities. We then construct Fetish sessions which allow clients to enjoy their deeply rooted desires in a safe and non-judgmental environment with professionals. Oftentimes, through our Fetish Consultation, we liberate some of the stigmas attached to completely acceptable adult fun and provide ideas on how to introduce their discoveries with their partners. It is the most gratifying experience to see clients give themselves permission to be pleased/to please in a way that they find the most fulfilling!

Q: Is there anything else that you are working on at this moment? Can you us about it?

We can briefly mention the development of Steel and Stilettos II: A Total Body Experience, K.I.S.S™ (Keep It Strong & Sexy) and Whipped! Let’s just say fitness just got HOTTER! We are also launching the expansion of Motives Cosmetics for all SASI Girls and having a ball finding just the right Stilettos with our CY Image Shoe Sponsor! King and I are also launching Royal Fetish Films early next year….we have some teasers floating around! Visit the website at to see what more is to come.

Q: Can you tell us how you feel about the importance of self-confidence & sex appeal for the average woman reading your story?

Self Confidence is our true “make up”; no matter the exterior your self-perception, self-image and level of confidence radiates in everything you do. It is absolutely important that women find themselves worthy –to themselves first and foremost. Confidence is the belief in one self and your ability to succeed. There is a direct correlation to one’s ability to take charge and command challenges and their level of self-confidence.

Sex appeal is subjective –it is what you determine as sexy. The more work I do with fetishes, the more I learn about “the eye of the beholder”. Once a woman determines what about her she loves, admires and finds sexy ….everything else falls into place. You become a magnet to the things you desire; it truly is amazing how much self-work we need to do to deconstruct the values that have been laid very heavy on us by society, family, and our social environment. It is through classes like Steel and Stilettos and fun yet engaging Fantasy Flight events that women begin allow themselves the permission to express and release inhibitions –which inherently allows confidence, sex appeal, positive self-image and more to manifest.

Q: How can our readers get in contact with your and register for one of your classes?

Steel and Stilettos Fitness™

Call Us: 727-265-1656
Visit Us:
Twitter: @SASFit
Instagram: @steelandstilettosfitness


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