Continuing his success with the release of Sentir Mon Amour (Feel My Love), Grammy considered singer-songwriter J Metro prepares to release the new visuals for his latest single “Midnight Dreams”. The video shot for the single was captured by J Metro himself while touring in the country of Switzerland for WIPO, and edited by media icon Rueben Wood.

Written and produced by J Metro, “Midnight Dreams” is the third single from the neo-soul electrifying album Sentir Mon Amour which is still in the early stages of its success being released on July 10th digitally and in stores August 7th. The leading single “Bodyguard” charted at number 12 on Billboard’s Single Sales Chart, giving the initial push needed for the album to become successful.

J Metro was also featured on Great Day Houston’s Debra Duncan show as the in studio live band. While featured he performed some of hits and a special tribute to the city of Baltimore, MD. During this performance he was set to play “Midnight Dreams” but instead chose “In Our Streets” to address the community issues surrounding breaking news and media portrayals of current happenings.

Right before signing to The Orchard, his single “Shades of Gray” became the artists most successful billboard charting single peaking at 1 on the Hot R&B Singles chart.

J Metro has achieved increased levels of success with latest singles “Frosty” and “Bodyguard”. “Frosty”, released in December 2013, was honored by the Recording Arts Academy for it’s commercial success by being entered into the “Song of the Year” and “Solo Pop Performance” fields in the first round of voting consideration for the 57th Grammy awards.  Latest single “Bodyguard” is distributed through Sony/Orchard Distribution and Spaced Out Magazine and first entered billboard charts in January 2015.


Tell us who you are and what you do.

Jimmie (J Metro) Moore. I am a singer, songwriter, composer, spoken word poet and multi-instrumentalist.

How was it touring in Switzerland?

Great, and life changing, I was there with the World Intellectual Property Organization as a musical guest of the U.S Ambassador. It was an experience I’ll cherish and remember for the rest of my life.

Who are some of your musical influences? Why?

First is Composer Claude Debussy, he is my favorite of all time, I love the harmonic language of his music. After Debussy I really like artist who are lyricists, so Dwele and John Mayer are two persons who are also at the top of my list.

Tell us about your latest track ‘Midnight Dreams’. Was ‘Midnight Dreams’ inspired by anyone in your life?

I like to write about situations and “Midnight Dreams” is certainly about a very specific situation, a very popular old school song is “Me and Mrs Jones”. Concerning the inspiration for the song…. there are several inspirations…. I think I’ll leave it at that lol.

Besides music, what is something else you love to do?

I play Flag Football, play Magic The Gathering, watch a lot of TV.

Being considered for a Grammy, does it validate the path you decided to take?

I think so, I have made many friends in the Independent Artist Grammy community and the feedback that they give me when they believe I’ve done well is very helpful…. it counteracts the 70% of my day that I’d otherwise fill with crippling self doubt.

How amazing was it to have “Shades of Grey” topped at 1 on the billboard singles charts?

VERY!, I’d say that the memory of that is one of the things I’ll probably flash back to at the end.

How can our readers keep up with you and purchase your music?

I run all of my social media pages personally so follow me and interact. My website www.jmetromusic links to all of my social media, shows where I’m performing and has merchandise and music available.