A Shoe Story

by Shawana Gatlin


If you’re anything like me, gawking at shoes always seems to arouse and stimulate my visual palate. Yes ‘gawking’ is what I said. That usually means my gaze is pretty intense and my level of affection is on the rise. Shoes and I have had a love hate relationship for a very long time. I being the lover and shoes being the hater. Let me explain. I’m sure you’ve heard of the proverb “champagne taste with beer money?” Well, to my chagrin that would be me, according to my mother that is. Whilst, I would love to line my imaginary 12 ft. walk in closet walls with Louboutins’ Jimmy Choo’s and Giuseppe Zanotti’s, my pockets and wallet seem to lack the presence of William McKinley and Grover Cleveland. For some reason, when I peruse through fashion magazines or online shoe stores, my eyes have a way of guiding me to the most expensive shoes on the page and those are usually three-hundred dollars and above. It’s almost like they’re calling my name and teasing me, knowing I have yet to hit the lottery or make it big in my business ventures! Crazy right? I can only imagine that there are dozens of women who are exactly like me with imaginary 12 ft. closets filled with hundreds of shoes by every designer whose works of art have graced the feet of the rich and famous. We all want shoes that make a statement, shoes that are sexy, bold and boss-like. Although, I have to admit, we might even succumb to a tiny bit of suffering and torment just so our feet will look absolutely amazing! I know I am not the only woman who has bought shoes that I can barely walk in, specifically for the purpose of posing in a stationary position and smizing, à la Tyra Banks all night so that people can look at my 3 inch heels. Ugggh, I’m so glad those days are gone, what was I thinking? Most of us might have a secret desire to own a pair of red-bottoms, unfortunately many of us aren’t able to afford the mass of posh footwear that we see on the  red-carpet.

The good news is; there are literally dozens of shoe stores both online and on the street that will cater to anyone’s fetish. I came across some eye candy online and found some very sexy, bold, boss-like shoes that actually make a statement at A Shoe Story, ( This online boutique has been in business since 2011 and was started by Twanna White, who believes “There’s a story in every step you take… whether it’s those fierce shoes you wore on your first date with the man of your dreams or those classic pumps that gave you the courage to ace that interview which landed you your dream job. We’re here to help you tell your story.” Not only are these shoes super cute and funky, the price is in everybody’s range.

These are my picks, tell me what you think!


dirty redThe Dirty Red $35.00 – This shoe is sexy, fun and flirty. Personally, I’d sport them with jeans or a cute little sundress. Either way, I’m positive all eyes will be on your feet and you’ll be getting compliments all day!






goldieGoldie $25.00 – This shoe by far is one of my favorites. It’s sexy, classy with brown snakeskin and gold bangles at the ankle. I’d definitely show these off at any social function. Hopefully your outfit is up to par, these shoes slay! These are a winner in my book and the best thing about them is they are affordable!






Isis $25.00 – I have one word for these shoes. FIERCE! I’d have to sport a sexy skirt or dress with these babies. They deserve a spotlight. I wouldn’t want anything covering these up, they’re dope!



stella yellow


stella blackStella $29.99 in Black and Yellow. These bold babies are hot, hot, hot and would look amazing with a pair of wax jeans.





olgaOlga $60.00 – I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t throw a thigh high sexy boot in the mix. Of course you’d want to wear something that showcases all of this boot. Less is more when it comes to these. Well what did you think? A Shoe Story has something for everyone. I dare you to give them a try.

Let’s see what story your shoes tell!