iBee Events is a full-service event planning company under the direction of event guru Brittany Bowens. Bowens prides herself in planning, creating and embodying seamless events while turning clients dreams into reality. Thus far, iBee Events has created exuberant events with VH1 reality star Karlie Redd and recording artist Kore Stacks. She has also assisted with events for public relations expert Lillie Mae! She is also equipped in event planning in the corporate world, planning pageants for North Carolina Central University and health events for Earth Fare Supermarket and Zein Salon & Spa, to name just a few. Keep up with Brittany and iBee Events by following @ibee_events on Instagram!

Can you tell our readers who you are and what you do?

My name is Brittany Bowens and I live and breathe event planning! I was born a lively, creative child in Newark, New Jersey, with a love for arts and crafts – and this still describes me today. My company, iBee Events, is a full service event planning company and we specialize in handcrafted décor and flawless execution of events from start to finish. I’ve perfected my craft over the last five years and launched iBee Events in January after interning with a small PR firm here in Atlanta. It was a step out on faith, and I am so happy to say it was the best step I’ve ever taken!

How did your grandmother get started naming her shoes? What made you want to continue the tradition?

My family is full of strong women who take great care to be presentable, professional and radiant at all times. It started with my grandmother. When she was growing up, she was never allowed to get dolled up and wear makeup because it was frowned upon. After she graduated from college and ventured out on her own, she found strength in being a woman and looking her best. It made her feel more confident, and I guess that’s where the shoe naming started. She has been naming her shoes since I can remember, picking names based off how the shoe made her feel on her feet. She instilled it in my mother, who then instilled it in me. I wanted to continue the tradition because it’s our personal symbol of strength. Whether it’s a business pump or a sassy sandal, shoes are our mission statement. They tell everyone we are here and ready to take over the world!

How many pairs of shoes do you have and what are some of their names?

I have about 100 pair of shoes. My favorite would have to be “Sasha.” Sasha reminds me of a girl who is fierce, noticeable but not crying for attention. This is definitely how I would describe this shoe. I’ve worn them merely 3 times, but when I put them on with all their bedazzled charms and eye-catching colors, they make me feel fiercely woman and boldly untouchable. I usually wear these when I’m going to an exclusive event where it’s important I make a statement and stand out.

We see on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karlie Redd can be messy. How was your experience working with her?

What I will say about event planning for the entertainment industry is that you don’t spend a lot of time working with the celebrity or talent directly. It’s more so a collaborative effort with their staff and designated points of contacts. I do, however, think Karlie Redd is a passionate woman working hard on her brand. I am glad I could be a part of seeing any woman succeed at her goals.

What type of events are most fun to plan?

I have the most fun when I plan women empowerment events. Getting together with women and sharing life experiences, empowering each other, and giving back is amazing and so rewarding. I definitely plan to have a few of these kinds of events in 2016, so please stay tuned for that!

What is something you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I don’t like the term spare time. To me, that sounds like things I do outside of work are not important. With that being said, I don’t have spare time, but when I am not in meetings or tending to my clients, I usually spend time with my loved ones. It’s important that regardless of the success I’m striving for I am still tuned into real life and my family. I never want business to consume me.

How can our readers keep up with you?

Reach out to me! I love connecting with brilliant people! Visit my website at or email me directly at Everyone can follow me on Instagram @iBee_Events, Facebook @iBee_Events, and Twitter at @iBee_Events.