Women and Shoes Magazine had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a very talented director by the name of Will Adams. Some of you may know some of his work such as ‘Kidnapped’ & ‘If I Die Tomorrow’. To do something that you love is one thing but to be able to have your dreams fulfilled is something totally different. Don’t be intimiated by his impressive resume because with hard work & dedication you can make the impossible, possible just as he did.

Thank you for performing this interview with us, how long have you been a director?

I’ve been directing my own work and others 14 years.

Was it difficult getting big names like Adele Givens to be apart of this project?

I would say it would’ve been difficult if she didn’t hear me speak to Robert Townsend about my project. I believe people like Adele are approached daily about different projects and looking at it from her perspective, it’s hard to know what’s good without seeing prior work from the individual.

What are some other projects you have worked on other than ‘Sex ain’t Love’?

I’ve produced four films prior to Sex Ain’t Love. Kidnapped, My Enemy’s Son, If I Die Tomorrow and Silent Endeavor. Plus a lot of corporate video and political video for politicians in Chicago.

Where can we go & see your new film?

My new film will have its second theater run at Studio Movie Grill formerly known as Chatham 14 Theater in Chicago December 5th through 11th with two show times of 5pm and 7pm.

What is some of the best advice you have received when you started directing movies?

I can’t say I received advice but I can say from each project I’ve learned from past experiences what and what not to do. My very first experience has taught me as a director you are there to direct talent and cinemaphotography and no matter how well trained the actors are. They are depending on your direction to make them look good and also to remember to stay focus and in control at all times. I think this question answered the follow up question.

Tell us from a man’s point of view, what do you consider to be love towards a woman?

Love to women vary from woman to woman, but I can say when you find out what warms a woman’s heart that can lead you on the path of love.

How can our readers get in contact with you & keep up with your upcoming projects?

My website has info on projects to come and my Facebook fan page call the Work of Will Adams is also a good way to keep up what I’m up to. Thank you for the interview.


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