“I became, basically, the heroine of the season. Ryan gave me that very treasured part, and that was the first time in my life that I felt like I had something meaty to work on. I was playing a flawed person, a three-dimensional person,” says . “And then, Ryan kept throwing things at me. I’ve gotten to play a two-headed lady [on season 4 of


“At one point, Jessica just threw her arm around me and said to Ryan, ‘Oh, can’t you find something for to do on the show? She’s going to be in town now.’ And he said, ‘Oh. Yeah. I think I could do that,’ ” Paulson recalls.


, and L.A. is not really her town,” says Paulson, who is featured in the current issue of . “She didn’t know a ton of people so we were spending a lot of time together.”