Women and Shoes Magazine was given the pleasure to interview Ms. Roslyn Rocky Grate! We had a chance to speak to her about her Career as a Plus Size model and fashionista, her inspiration for following her dream and her modeling agency! Whether you are a Plus Size Model or not you will enjoy this interview! Let us know what you think!

Can you tell our readers your name and what you do?

Roslyn Rocky Grate. I am a senior customer sales and service analyst for Verizon Communications in New York City and also I maintain a professional career as a Plus Model my specialty is runway, fit, commercial and print both jobs I’ve had for two decades!

Is there anything you are working on now? Can you tell us about it?

At the top of the year, after loosing my best friend my beloved mother at the young age of 91, I decided to partner with some influential industry executives out of Atlanta Georgia to form True Life Development and Modeling Agency. I will be the Director of Operations in both states where I will recruit, mold,  develop and sign up and coming models, artist and actors in Atlanta and New York. I also will be fashion contributors for several online magazines and working pro-bono as a fashion stylist!

As a fashionista, what would be your ideal outfit to wear on the perfect day?

I’m laid back I love camouflage anything with a wife beater, jean jacket and sneakers (gucci).

After 20 years of being in the fashion industry what do you know now that you wish you would have knew then?

It’s a lot of cliques and people excel because of who they know and not of their love, dedication and experience in the game.

What inspired you to be a plus size model?

My late and great mother Juanita Grate as a woman of size was always dressed. She had two “dress makers” on retainer! One quote of hers was if you see something you want and it’s not in your size get it made!”

What are some ups and downs about being a plus size model?

I love being the only plus in a show I always bring down the house with a standing ovation. Down size is seeing size 12 in advertisements they are getting my jobs! They are NOT plus models! And these cliques are the worse.

Who are some companies that you have worked with?

BGU, Kim Hamptom of the NY Liberty, Her Game II, Monif C, Ashley Stewart I did two plus size traveling tours. Had an one on one training with Jay Alexander just to name a few.

What are your social media links and website to keep up with you?



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