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American publishing house, Black Velvet Seductions is under new ownership and has moved to rural Cambridgeshire in the UK. The new owner, Richard Savage, has been involved with the company for twelve years as a writer, cover illustrator and designer.

Black Velvet Seductions has a small but enthusiastic team, Richard, his assistant Marian and freelance proof reader Barbara, work in Cambridgeshire. While Laurie Sanders, associate editor and a small editorial and proof reading staff work in various locations in the USA. “You might think it is problematic having your team split between here and the States, most communication is by e-mail so in practical terms there isn’t a great deal of difference where people are physically located,” CEO Richard Savage said, “Although I am very much based in Cambridgeshire, the company has a long reach. Our readers and writers are from around the world. We have a big following in the USA and it is growing through Europe and Australia. We distribute our ebooks globally via Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and numerous other outlets as well as physical books.”

Richard’s background is in art, for more than twenty years he has been a painter and illustrator. He is a member of both the Guild of Erotic Artists and the Association of Erotic Artists. “My mother told me I have been drawing from a very early age, it is simply something I do naturally and for many years was the reason I got up bright and early each morning. My writing and art have always been connected, though my Dyslexia always made the writing a little problematic. When the opportunity to take over Black Velvet Seductions, it felt the right move and a natural progression to what I was already doing. I love the challenge of a new enterprise and enjoy working with creative people. What I hope we bring to the market is a range of quality romance stories, ranging from the soft and tender to books for the more adventurous.”

Richard Savage, is celebrating his first year as owner of, Black Velvet Seductions. In his first year, Black Velvet Seductions have produced ten books with another ten currently in production. This will bring the total output of the company to 66 titles in print or available as e-books by the end of the year.

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