The shoes: Longtime creative director Bruno Frisoni wanted to explore two powerful sides of the strong, elegant woman he creates the collection for. He threw away the classic notions of femininity, decking out classic silhouettes with materials such as houndstooth and floral chiné. The diverse lineup included stretch black, low heel and thigh-high sequined boots. The label’s iconic buckle came adorned with crystal flowers and silks, while a particularly strong boot lineup used the floral chiné as embroidery or tapestry. “Fashion isn’t so simple, but I want the interpretation of it to be as simple as possible,” said Frisoni. Ruffles also added notable flair this season, giving Vivier’s trainers a serious kick. “For me, ruffles were very important as a group to give substance to something that’s structured,” said Frisoni, wearing a shirt that fit right into the theme.