Rap Artist HotPink is an entrepreneur through and through! Women and Shoes Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with HotPink and talked to her about her new single “Those Shoes”, which is named beautifully by the way, and her clothing brand “Her Juice”. Read the full featured interview below and feel free to share and leave a comment.


What inspired you to become a rap artist?

Ever since I was young and performed in school I had a feeling I would grow up to be an artist. I started writing poetry in middle school and even published some poems through sponsors, who’d entered me into contests, in which I’d ended up winning and chosen to be publish in books and magazines. When I first started writing poetry they were mostly about life and my feelings. My personal feelings have always inspired me to write. After I left home (before my time) my poems turned into raps, still inspired by my lifestyle and feelings. My raps can range from love all the way to hate. Sometimes, created the same day! It’s all on how I feel at the time. But yes, my feelings are my biggest inspiration. Also, most of my peers are also Rap Artist! So that was a big inspiration too. I kinda grew up in the studio around my peers so it was very natural for me to become a rap artist myself.

Can you tell us why you chose the stage name ‘Hot Pink’?

I choose the name ‘HotPink’, (which is one word) because of my nickname “Pinky”. I got the nickname “Pinky” when I left home at 13 years old. During the time I was preparing to become a public figure, another person came out with my name! So instead of using “Pinky” (my original nickname) I decided to go with ‘HotPink’ since I was a “Hot Girl”. It was still kinda similar to the name everyone had already knew me as, so it just made sense.

What is it that sets you apart from all the other female rappers in the industry?

The thing that sets me apart from other rappers is just who I am. I started out early as a hustler, very early, and that makes me ‘legit’. I cannot say what other ‘female rappers’ are about, or not about, but I feel my “story” may be quite different than others and more credible to the things I rap about. Or at least use to rap about. I came into the industry as a boss, the industry didn’t make me one. So I think that’s my difference. And when you hear my lyrics you know that it’s not coming from just a person with rapping skills, but from a legitimate hustler who has been in the game since 13. I feel my raps are not mimicking others livelihood, but telling you the story of my life, my current emotions, and my aspirations. I don’t know of many rappers who are already accomplished before they get signed to a deal that ultimately changes their life. I have already made my life changing dreams come true by being the authentic person that I am. My raps gives you a glimpse into that. My recognition in the rap industry is more from a business perspective as oppose to being just a musical person. I’m a Boss Lady, who makes music. Not a rapper who raps about being or wanting to be a boss. And, my style is different. I make a habit of not listening to other female rappers so that I don’t subconsciously become similar, that way I can stay original and can separate myself from others crafts’.

Can you tell us about your fashion brand ‘Her Juice’?

Well as you know I have my own brand “Her Juice”. At this time, we are only producing charms for necklaces, and T-shirts. Next year we‘ll start designing dresses, etc. Her Juice is a urban fashion, I guess. It not a high fashion accessory just yet, just a casual charm that can be worn at the club, etc. “Her Juice” is all about me and my style. I felt I had soooo much ‘Juice’ I had to design a brand for it! So ‘Her Juice’ is just My Juice. My style, my swag, customized in a piece of jewelry, and soon, clothing.

Why did you title your latest song ‘Those Shoes’?

HA! My latest song “Those Shoes” was a just a stroke of creative genius. I had just left the studio the night before, recording one of my favorite rap songs yet, titled “DISMISS”. The next day I woke up getting dressed, and as I was looking into the mirror I began singing “Those Shoes!, Don’t go with those, Boo! Those other ones so cute! You gotta choose which one are you, gonna use.. Those Shoes? No Boo!. I said to myself, THIS IS A HIT! I grabbed my phone and just kinda freestyled the recording so that I didn’t forget the lyrics, and called my producer, like YO! I need a slot ASAP! I need to record this Grammy Hit Single while I’m in the spirit.” So I ended up going BACK to the studio and recording “Those Shoes” which is a clean song, completely and totally opposite of the hardcore song I recorded just the day before. I told my producer “Ken Jo” which is already a Grammy nominated producer that this is a hit! I told him that I wanted “Those Shoes” to be a song that we could play at the family reunion. He produced the beat.

How would you describe your style of rap music?

I would describe my style of rap music “different”. It varies from types and styles with each subject, but it’s definitely distinctive. I have some older music that’s more harsh and heartless, and some music that’s just for you to dance and party to, and have a good time. My style of rap, if music was an image, would be the pretty tomboy in heels, a total boss diva, with a vicious tongue. Hair on point, a chill attitude that you would know better than to test! That’s my music style.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see my career having already succeeded, gotten me everything I hoped for, made me rich and famous, and legendary. I see everything being achieved at that point; and me relaxing somewhere on my own private island. Which is my ultimate goal, to purchase my own island before I’m 40 years old and to retire there… So, we’ll see in 2021, have those goals been accomplished, and I’m pretty sure they will have been. I’ve never had a goal I didn’t accomplish. In 5 years, I see my Rap Career as completed. I see my businesses and growth prospering, I see myself being an Epic name in the Business industry with my company, and being retired from the rap game.

What are your social media links so that your fans can connect with you? Website?

Fans can stay connected with me online @ and at for a list of ALL my sites. Twtiter @TeamHotpink.

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