Sandra Williams-Johnson is married to Elisha Johnson and a mother of 3. Sandra is an Achiever with strong belief. Sandra is very responsible and is a activator. Sandra is very confident, well rounded, outspoken, and humble. Sandra has degree and backgrounds in Marketing, paralegal, and Compliance Officer Officer. Sandra inspires to be a publicity /magazine model.Sandra would also like to be a product or show case Model. Sandra loves hair, lipstick,makeup, and hats. I love to inspire young ladies to be BoldBeFreeBeYou . As a plus size dark skin inspiring model, It is my mission and my duty to motivate young ladies, that they are beautiful and they can be what ever they want to. Fashion is my passion. I love cooking¬† singing, giving voice lessons, couponing and of course shopping.There is nothing that you cannot accomplish¬† if you put your mind,heart soul and body in it. All things are possible through Christ. Sandra is God fearing and take pride in everything that she does.¬† Sandra is very compassionate and passionate. Last but not least she loves herself. If you can’t love and believe in yourself no one else will. We are all stars in our own right, if we stand together we can illuminate the night. I had the pleasure of doing
Of doing a Afro punk shoot with Creative Director and stylist
Mea Davis StyledByMea
Photographer- Ed Brown

I was also fortunate to pay homage in a heritage shoot.
Which I styled and directed
Photographer- Aaron Genwright
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Instagram @BeBoldBeFreeBeYou


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