Have you ever seen a baby calf first trying to walk?  That’s how I used to look walking in heels.  Something about the balancing on my toes made me look like an ungraceful ugly duckling.  Why was I even trying to walk in heels?  Well, I’m a model.  I first got introduced to the runway at Spelman College performing for a local Atlanta Fashion show.  Since then I have done countless print work, runways, and promotional advertisements.  I had found my niche in modeling.  I loved bringing images to life.  The more runway shows I began booking the more I realized I needed to own more than the classic black pumps and boots.  I needed to not only wear trending heels but have a fierce walk in them.  The struggle began.  I didn’t realize I would have such an issue finding heels that not only were comfortable but fit properly.  God had blessed me with some bacon slabs for feet that stretched out to size 11.  As I began my travels overseas, I found the struggle not limited to the United States.  In numerous countries I found the average shoe wasn’t made past a size 9.  If you can imagine someone with a French accent saying, “Size 11 shoe?!  Bah!!  It is toooo big.  Disfigures the design!”  That was the typical response from vendors.  Needless to say I was very frustrated.  I am only 5’10, I knew I couldn’t be the only one having problems finding a store with the proper size and gorgeous heels.  On a normal day while perusing Facebook I saw a boutique advertised for an upcoming fashion show on a mutual friend’s page.  The boutique was called  Styletto Shoe Boutique.  I went to their FB site and perused their website and fell in love.  Their shoes had THE most trending styles for women wearing heels.  Best of all, they had it in my size!!  I did not participate in the fashion show they were a part of, but afterward I approached the owners about their shoes.  I came into the boutique which is located off a very busy exit 82 of Interstate 20 in Conyers, GA.  It is located in Suite K1.  The ambience in the store was very relaxed and casual.  The customer service was professional and friendly.  The owners actually sat with me as I tried on several pairs of shoes and asked me for my feedback and what I felt could make if anything the shoe better.  The product in heels that were being sold was high class and ranged from conservative to couture.  I had found the spot I could get my heels from!  Since I don’t live in Conyers I made sure I bookmarked their website so I could continue to get the newest fashions from ordering online.  My story is not unique in the fact of finding a place that otherwise would have been unknown if not for their online presence.  I encourage readers to check out Styletto Shoe Boutique.  I know any real connoisseur of heels will be quick to hashtag and repost the heels featured.

Photo Gallery:

All shoes Styletto Shoe Boutique
Photography by GEP
Makeup by Joi Kristine
Model: Miss Tima