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A new breed has arrived. They are pioneering and unafraid to be different. They are outcasts and misfits. They are creativity bursting forth with new life. They are Us. They are the Nu New. And they are coming to SXSW 2013 as part of an evolving neourban face. Leading the way are organizations like BIT (Blacks In Technology) who were among the early adopters, and leading the way into the world of tech conferences, and creating a path for the soon to be growing immigration of an increasingly diverse community. Pax Stereo Tv will make their initial pilgrimage this March and are looking for connecting and developing new contacts among the nearly 30,000 expected visitors.

So what innovations are these newbies bringing to the party? Use. In many ways the technology is not new and is readily available, but now has been tweaked and repurposed toward new goals. Meet the “Nu New.” Platform creator Mario Hemsley is looking forward to informing the folks attending SXSW about what these new kids on the block have been doing. “What we have done is adapted readily available radio station software to run a 24/7 video platform with integrated social media from the top down.” That’s right, 24/7 broadcasting with integrated Twitter and Facebook, simulcasting on Ustream, Justin Tv, Livestream, and Shoutcast Radio. Tech Guru Mario Hemsley and his co-host partner Victor Allen at Pax Stereo have developed the platform, and are actively managing and operating a number of what they call “Interactive Personal Media Networks” consisting of varying numbers of “custom lifestyle channels”. Each channel is fully integrated with YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and mobile ready.

For SXSW the plans call for regular broadcasts originating from a team of smart phones, but at home the team operates and maintains their own innovative video facility which they have used to broadcast weekly for over three years. The studio system is portable, and features on air multitasker Victor Allen who commands six cameras, two video swithers, one interactive PC desktop and still manages to to host and direct while live and on air. He is considered THE innovator of on air interactive switching techniques. “What he has done is no less than redefining a piece of equipment standard to video production. No one will ever work two video switchers while live as a host on the air. No one. I designed this system, but Vic has taken it to a new level.”

While his partner has taken video switching to a new high, Mario has managed to do the same with another of his own special areas of interest; desktop presentation. “Vic and I are both multitaskers. While he does the switching, I am using four PC and sharing two of them actively on the air. We can pull up any website or YouTube video in a instant and show it on air. Add the motley crew that regularly make up our interactive chat room, and the experience is compelling. I have recently used an iPhone’s display to show video on air. I like to stay on top of all the emerging trends.”

The journey of Victor Allen is a story worth telling. Initially planning for a degree in marketing, Victor ultimately ended up on a roller coaster ride. “I never thought that life would lead me to becoming a DJ, model, stage performer, and internet reality talk show host and producer. It has been a great ride.” Indeed it has for Victor. His self produced and directed program, theLZ (Local Zone) has become a community favorite with interviews, full length performances, and behind the scenes studio rehearsals featuring artists such as Robin Thicke, Nelly, Warren Sapp, Eric Benet, Jon B, Teena Marie, Rachelle Ferrell, Sugar Ray Leonard, Stephanie Mills, Kelly Price, Lalah Hathaway, El Debarge, Stevie Wonder, Shark Tank Winners and more.

Tech Guru Mario Hemsley feels that talent and above all persistence has contributed to their ongoing success and consistency. “We believe luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We believe a small group of dedicated individuals can go far. We offer no excuses, and we do not accept mediocrity. We believe in the constant struggle for excellence.”

Mario and Victor are proud members of the Prometheus Project ( , the team is now working on providing local community support with a LPFM radio station ( soon to be unveiled. As part of a national movement, they are promoting awareness of the upcoming availability of licenses now being made available after legislation recently signed by President Barack Obama. As Mario explains, “LPFM is important, and in the event of a natural or unnatural disaster can be an operating voice and source of information to the surrounding communities. The recent Hurricane Sandy has increased awareness and demand for community operated broadcasts. “Radio just doesn’t use what we use.”

Pax Stereo’s growing network consists of the online community at Pax Stereo Online (, the latest mobile integrations at Pax Stereo Mobile (, the beta experiment Pax Stereo Tv which broadcasts 24/7 (, and the Pax Stereo Business Services ( website.





Mario Hemsley:

There is a new Robin Hood in town only this time he is sharing information, and guess what, the geeks (and others) are out there and listening to this Free freak show for the masses. Old school, nu school, hip hop, pop… it’s all there. The Morning Coffee With Mario Show has been broadcasting three days weekly since 2009 (or 2010) Develeoping a unique neourban community. Past artists and celebrities featured on the Morning Coffee With Mario Show include NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, Lil Kim, Robin Thicke, Luenell, Teena Marie, Harvey Mason, Phil Perry, Chante Moore, Shark Tank Winners (Cousins Maine Lobster, Marz Sprays, Lollacup), Rahsaan Patterson, Rachelle Ferrell, Stephanie Mills, Nick Cannon, Ludacris, Charlie Wilson and more, but all the while remaining committed to indie and unsigned artists and entrepreneurs and their unsung stories. The key is simply talent and a lot of hard work.

Ofter referred to as “the crazy dude” and “edgy”, Mario sees it as simple truths. “I tell it like it is.” Mario quotes abound. “We believe Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We believe a small group of dedicated individuals can go far. We offer no excuses, and we do not accept mediocrity. We believe in the constant struggle for Excellence.” 

No wonder that there is a history of success here. At Howard University Mario was Dean’s List all 4 years, graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, was writer of Senior Class Song, and also elected to “Who’s Who At US Universities and Colleges”. “I go about completing my goals the same way I clean a dirty pot. I rub real hard, real fast, for a real long time.”

As a DJ, he began leading by example, developing unique creative uses of video and adding it to the growing portable show. As celebrity jobs including acting as DJ and videographer while producing “Eric Dickerson’s Back To Camp Video” for the NFL Hall of Famer, local fame grew for the multiple soon to be legendary Pax Stereo Pajama Parties.

In 1993 the Pax Stereo indie music label was launched, signaling a new beginning, and showcasing newly emerging talents. While experiencing over 400,000 downloads and releasing nine CDs on his own Pax Stereo label, Mario had time to produce the initial recordings of the ghetto metal group Spade Ghetto Destruction (Zoo Records) and create a project with Richard Dedeaux of the legendary Watts Prophets. Releases by the Hemsley Foster Project, Tezman Vic, Richard Dedeaux and Edward Simpson are currently available on CDBaby, iTunes, and Free downloads available at Pax Stereo Online ( and Pax Stereo Tv (

Mario is an App developer with the Apple Developer Program, and currently has over 30 Apps in development on five different platforms.

The Saga continues…


Victor Allen:

I could tell you he was online, live every week for the last three years. I could tell you he writes and produces “HOtt PiXX by Vic” and “Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz”, both recurring segments of the popular “Morning Coffee With Mario Show”. I could say he is self taught, and now considered a master of many mediums. But the most impressive thing to watch is how he works two video switchers, 6 cameras, 1 computer desktop and still has the extreme multitasking ability to co-host while live and on air. Real time. All at once. Impressive? Yes, very impressive! His cohost, Mario Hemsley agrees. “Victor brings the video producer and production room into the show. It’s reality and transparent.”

As a director and producer, Victor is the creator of the “Morning Coffee With Mario Show” recurring segments “HOtt PiXX by Vic” and “Victor Allen’s Nu New  Sportz”. Additionally Victor’s self produced and directed program, “theLZ (Local Zone)” has become a community favorite and drawing big numbers with interviews, full length performances, and behind the scenes studio rehearsals featuring artists such as Robin Thicke, Nelly, Warren Sapp, Eric Benet, Jon B, Teena Marie, Rachelle Ferrell, Sugar Ray Leonard, Stephanie Mills, Kelly Price, Lalah Hathaway, El Debarge, Stevie Wonder, Shark Tank Winners and more. He is also an emerging photographer and Director of the Pax Stereo App Tester Program.

Juggling multiple tasks while taking it all to a new level it and making it look easy and is something Victor has become used to. Initially planning for a degree in marketing, Victor worked in management at the Greyhound Corporation, LA’s Black Business Association, and the California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC), often finding himself shoulder to shoulder with money makers and celebrities. Ultimately, to his surprise, he ended up on a career roller coaster ride. “I never thought that life would lead me to becoming a DJ, model, stage performer, and internet reality talk show host and producer. It has been a great ride.”

His partner, tech guru Mario Hemsley still marvels about what Victor has done on a system he created. “What he has done is no less than redefining a piece of equipment standard to video production. No one will ever work two video switchers while live as a host on the air. No one. I designed this system, but Vic has taken it to a new level. He is THE innovator of on air interactive switching techniques. There is no one better.”

Initially recognized for his distinctive deep voice, Victor has been part of the Pax Stereo team from the beginning. He provided early voice over services, coined the term “Pax Stereo” as a potential performing name for Mario Hemsley, and while untrained even manned the mixing board and camera at the 1993 video recording of the Hemsley Foster Project Live @ Nyala’s. No one else was available, and true to form, he stepped up to the plate and delivered, establishing what was to be reputation for willing to take charge and innovate under pressure to perform.

Vic has had regular work as a model and performance artist. His other music and performance accomplishments include being an founding member of Children Of The Last Daze, and one half of the R&B studio production team Tezman Vic, whose CD release is currently available on Amazon.

The Saga continues…


Meko Williams:

Growing up in the city of Los Angeles, Ca. Meko who goes by Meko Williams began her journey in entertainment as a model for calendars like Stream heat U.S.A, Bronze Beauty photographed by Howard Morehead and Jet Beauty of the Week with Lamont McLamore turning her focus to opening for as a runway model for Grand Opening of hair shows like VONTE by Tony Smith, PAUL MICHELL AND JOYCE WILLIAMS products. Later on she audition for commercial through SAG. Also modeling for the Black Expo and Music Videos.

Meko Williams then made a switch to day broadcasting her first time on air with Urban Soul Radio as a guest speaker and later on Co-host with Sunset & Gumbo. In result of set & Gumbo other doors opened up for Meko Williams to do her own radio talk show called MEKO WLLIAMS RADIO SHOW” REAL TALK” TELLING MY STORY, YOUR STORY AND OUR STORIES on KLIQ 1670AM Radio where she gained most of her listeners doing LIVE interviews with celebrities from all walks of life in the world of entertainment.

Meko Williams is called upon very often to host many events like the 4th of July 2012 giving back to the community block party in the City Of Compton. CA with KJLH and KLIQ, the Corie Williams Scholarship Fund in Los Angeles, CA and the African American Art And Music Festival at the Lemiret Park in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, and at the Taste Of Soul. With her sassy but classy approach, blunt style, provocative, thought provoking ways and tactics of keeping it REAL keeps her listeners coming back for more.

Meko’s voice on MEKO WLLIAMS RADIO SHOW “REAL TALK” TELLING MY STORY, YOUR STORY AND OUR STORIES radio show has capture many recognizing her unique style and voice on Blog Talk Radio, Urban Soul 1025.FM, KLIQ 1670AM, and more in addition to appearing in music videos.

I’m currently on Blogtalkradio featuring a show the Meko Williams Show and Pump It And Dump It airing 1day out of a week, Wednesday. My show covers Reality Talk and lifestyle of Meko Williams along with other topics. I work with the Pax Stereo Tv platform (Mario & Vic), featured as a special guest host on the show called “Quietstorm” Live Interactive Virtual DJ -Chat-room. Weekly Tuesday’s 8p-10p. “You are the DJ”, is the premise of the show. The show also features live artist performances, specifically Indie music of all types. Also, I’m currently working with Pax Stereo on the new upcoming season of shows for the spring and summer season 2014. Pax Stereo also focuses on my enterprise development separately which allows me to flourish in a system of creative development regarding projects.

Meko Williams has currently been featured on the front page of Digital Conglomerate Magazine with a four page spread and also photography by Perfect Image Photography making her second cover on The Show Magazine.


Contact Info:

Mario Hemsley:
Victor Allen:
Product Information, Service Inquiries, Customer Support or Assistance: or 323 296.6165

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