More love, less hate. Pretty cool to watch the cross being carried through the streets of in— Elizabeth Kelley (@lizzkel) March 21, 2016


Whether you like ThePassionLive or not, it’s opening up a dialogue about Christianity and why it’s okay to be a proud Christian.— Caroline Craig (@CeeJayCraig) March 21, 2016


Not everyone will agree. Not everyone will like it. But this is a beautiful moment ThePassionLive The Gospel reaching the masses— Lady Brathwaite (@NevahFayzD) March 21, 2016


I feel like thirst/hate-tweeting goes against everything ThePassionLive stands for but oh well, no one is perfect.— Jason (@jaarlos) March 21, 2016


Good luck to @TrishaYearwood, @CHRIS_Daughtry, @tylerperry, @DeatonRobert, and all involved with ThePassionLive tonight!! @FOXTV— Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) March 20, 2016


The fact that ThePassionLive is on tv is proof so many people are searching for something more meaningful than what they have now. So cool!— Emily MaynardJohnson (@EmilyMaynard) March 21, 2016


I’m just glad that Jesus is being celebrated this huge on TV… Y’all understand what this man did for us? ThePassionLive— Ayanna P. (@AyannaPrescod) March 21, 2016


@KChenoweth I’ve never seen told from this perspective. Same story. Same truths. Putting it into today. Now that’s cool.— Abbey Mangus (@abbeylynnmangus) March 21, 2016