“Justice sometimes grinds a little slow, but we believe we have a strong case in this case and we’ll move forward with it,” Gene Lepley, a spokesman for the Richmond Police Department, told


Prosecuting attorney Mary Langer claimed that Malick the boy on the couch in the , which the family was living in, and propped up pillows to hold a bottle to his mouth. Newton found the child dead seven later, Langer said.


The 6-month-old boy had been left alone for seven hours on the day he died, said prosecutors, who brought charges of second-degree and felony child neglect against Sabrina Malick, 29, and Walter E. Newton, 46, reports the


Six months after their was found dead in their recreational vehicle, wedged between a couch and the driver’s seat, the of Brendon Newton have been with murder and child neglect, according to reports.