Oswald The Untold Story – Short Film


We had never covered a film before we met John Dickson, our past featured male model. When he asked us to cover his first film, how could we say no?! Please read his interview as well as his director’s interview about the production of this short film.

Director questions:

How was it working on a film with John Dickson?

It’s actually pretty interesting working with John. He has so much determination and love for what he does. John is a great guy and very well to get along with. I will admit this guy has it down with finding locations. I thank John for the opportunities he gives me, especially writing ‘Texas Heat’, which was created by John.

What did you love most about working on this film?
What I loved most about doing this film was the huge debate we had about the film’s ending and particular detail which in many ways show controversy and sometimes controversy is a positive outcome for a film because that brings in viewers. This film, in my opinion, is great!

How long have you been a director?

I haven’t been a director long. I actually started off acting. Eventually over time I grew into the fascination of directing but to my surprise, John actually offered me the opportunity. Starting in May I will be furthering my education at the Media Tech Institution to get the proper knowledge needed in directing and producing.

If someone wants to work with you how can they get in contact with you? – Where can we see more of your work?

I can be reached through Facebook at LaMarc Broussard or email: dariusb2194@gmail.com. As well any work that I produce or contribute to can be seen on my home website that I partner with my Co-Writer/Director, Chris Guinn: www.MarkSetPro.com


John’s questions:

What made you want to write a story about JFK’s killer?

Hopefully without sounding too paranoid I’d say I’ve always been fascinated with the outcome our should I say lack of outcome about the JFK mystery and how it was said Oswald shot him from the Book Depository. Let’s face it, we all know he wasn’t shot from the back…

What did it mean to bring this story to life?

It was a blast and an honor to bring a spin off of the JFK assassination to life. I wanted to use facts, but of course to also put fictional characters to play.

What do you want others to take from the film?

Mostly to enjoy a fictional experience about a past true historical event. Attaching themselves to the characters and finding that, at the end, they want to see more.

Do you plan on writing more films in the future?

Yes I’m very excited to say we’re filming another film called ‘Vigilante’ ( seen on FB ) very soon.

Was it difficult writing and starring in this film?

Yes , I’m not gonna say it was easy. Finding a crew to run the equipment and looking for a beautiful and talented gal to play Salley. Looking for make-up artists and photographers. All while also playing the character James Mc Finny. It was a true growing experience for me! No words can express my gratitude for the whole team that day.

Where else can we expect to see your movie?

For now you can see ‘Oswald The Untold’ on Youtube and FB . We are @Ark-La-Tex Productions ( FB ) I look forward for the opportunity to bring feature films to distribution in the future.

“Oswald the Untold” – Short Film

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