Everyone has a story to tell that inspires one person or another. Ms BBC’s story was inspired by The Phenomenal Woman herself, Maya Angelou & now she is using her own experiences to inspire women who come in contact with her. We had the absolute pleasure of meeting this amazing woman in a past event we covered, ‘Atlanta’s 2nd Women’s Empowerment Fashion Event’. We already knew from hearing her story on stage & meeting her in person that she would be perfect to have in our upcoming issue. Below is a snippet of her interview we had with her on August 11, 2014. Check out her biography as well & be inspired to do what you love, no matter what others say!


Known now by her promotions name, Ms.BBC, she was born in Cleveland Ohio. She was always doing something creative when she wasn’t being a nonconformist. Ms. BBC noticed her talent as a writer at a very young age. At eight years of age she wrote her first poem. By the age of eleven she had written her first short story and over 200 songs and poems. She kept a notebook in her hand, using life experiences as inspiration. She also was put in a dance group in her school, where she learned many different types of dance. Modern, Jazz, and African dance just to name a few. Her first performance was ‘God Bless the Child’ by Billie Holiday from movie ‘Lady Sings the Blues’. When Ms. BBC was aware she could not only steal the attention of people with her writing, she could also dance, sing, and act she was always ready for her next challenge. By the age of thirteen she had placed first in writing, and dance competitions, also had parts in a few school plays, and talent shows. At age fourteen she realized she had a knack for business and making people feed off music so her and a group started promoting parties.

After being arrested 28 times and having serious heart complications on a bus on her daughter’s birthday, she decided it was time to use her talents to push her out to the world. She is now an author of her first self-published novel “Uglies Of The Beauty Salon”. She has also been a promoter for four years, and recorded her first single “Big body chick”. She will also soon be featured in a play named ‘God’s Gift to Women’ written by Philly Weeden.

BBC named her book tour ‘Phenomenal Woman Tour’ because the poem by Ms. Maya Angelou was her favorite poem. It describes everything she understood and went thru in life and wanted to become. When she had her first chance to be in the presence of Ms. Angelou as a teenager, that was one of the poems she shared with the group of females and Ms.BBC never forgot the impact Ms. Angelou left her knowing her story and all the things she went through in life. Now, Ms. BBC is on the rise, and she is ready to bring amazing and phenomenal success to the world!!



Q: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

A: My name is Ms. BBC. I started my business, BBC Promotions, about 5 years ago as a reggae promoter. Within the last couple years I decided to take some of my writing out & become a full-fledged author. I do promotions, I’m also an artist & I have a CD coming out in November. I dropped my first single in November 2013, produced by Mantis Tantan. It’s called ‘Big Body Chicks’ and it’s about empowering plus size women. I also have my book out that was published on November 10th of last year also called ‘Uglies of the Beauty Salon’. It’s a fiction novel about 4 girls that work together in a salon & found out that they aren’t as much family as they thought they were.


Q: Is this your only book? Do you have other books? Do you have anything in the works?

A: Yes, I do have something in the works. That was my first book published. I have 3 other books that I am working to get out. My next book is called ‘Power Over Pum Pum’. It’s basically an empowerment book about how women should lead themselves with the power of their mind & their spirits versus what’s between their legs. Because the sexuality comes from within versus delivering yourself to receive love through sex.


Q: That sounds very interesting. Do you know when that will be published?

A: I’m hoping to be locking my date for December of 2014 to have that book published.


Q: Okay. Wonderful! Definitely let us know when that’s released. We would definitely promote you & get it out there for all of our readers.

A: I definitely want to do that. I come from being a troubled teen & a troubled young adult. I was arrested 28 times for temper, anger, trying to make ends meet. One day I just said, ‘ok, enough is enough.’ I have a daughter & I needed to really know that she was watching me. However, it was really hard for me to sit down & not be in trouble but God had another plan for me. My heart stopped on my daughter’s birthday & I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t sick before or anything like that. My heart stopped & my daughter saw me go through something so terrible right in front of her eyes on her birthday. She was in fear of losing me & I was in fear of losing my life right then & there. In the process of everything I was writing one day, I just started writing & flowing & I forgot that I used to love to write. I used to love to do this! Those were my hobbies & I pushed that aside to do other things. I just pulled out my old notebook & looked it at saying ‘Oh my God, I remember I wrote this’. I remember actually my book ‘Uglies of the Beauty Salon’ started out as a poem. Somebody was reading it one day & came over & one of the girls that work at the shop with me, from Simply the Best Beauty Salon, & they were like ‘You should make this a book!’. It took me so long to get it together. Self-Publishing, Yvonne Pointer who is an author & well known activist. She’s walked in many lives & helped me with self-publishing. I was like, ‘Ok, it’s was time to get up & do something.’ I published it once before November 2013, getting it all together. What happened was, I downloaded the draft instead of the actually finished print of it & I printed maybe about 35 books to get started. One of my friends, his name is Will, he’s a Reggae aritst. He was the first person to read my book & he said “Hey, you know you got a lot of mistakes in here & everything is wrong.” I said “What?! Why are you coming at me like this? Why are you trying to play me?” I never read the book after I finished. I was like, “Ok, I’m done.” Luckily because I self-published I was able to go in, do what I needed to do & get it done.

Catch Ms. Big Body Chick’s full interview in our 5th Issue releasing in September 2014!


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