Tiffany Marshall is a mother, wife, former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, former Mrs. Georgia America 2011, former Mrs. Georgia All Star United States 2012, Mrs. Georgia Globe 2013, and the current Mrs. Georgia Globe 2014. She is described as a real life beauty queen and passionate about her career, community and family. Tiffany has done amazing service initiatives for various organizations such as, Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude, Compound Foundation, Pinky Promise Shelter, Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Atlanta University Center Kings & Queen’s Coalition, Big Kidz Foundation, Sporty Girls Inc., Parents Against Distracted Driving, and The Veterans of Georgia. She has been featured as Jezebel Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in Atlanta Issue, and most recently honored by Who’s Who in Black Atlanta for her commitment to service.



Q: First off, we thank you for being a part of Women and Shoes Magazine!! Can you tell our readers about yourself?

A: I am the current Mrs. Georgia Globe, a mother of a beautiful daughter, wife, former falcons cheerleader, community activist, pageant coach, actress, and I work full time with the Veterans Association.

Q: What makes you so passionate about bringing domestic violence to the forefront?

A: I have witnessed friends involved in domestic violence situations, and it was hurtful. I don’t think that love should ever hurt.

Q: Can you tell our readers about the W.I.N Foundation and your affiliation with it?

A: The WIN Foundation stands for Women In Need, and is an international foundation that helps women (and men) all across the nation with being in difficult situations. I am the Georgia Spokesperson for this wonderful foundation.

Q: Please tell us about the “Love Does Not Hurt” campaign?

A: Love Does Not Hurt campaign was created by Dr. Tracey (founder of the WIN Foundation). As of late, there has been a lot of domestic violence things taking place in the NFL; Dr. Tracey made a comment last month saying that the NFL needs a WIN, from that moment the campaign was developed to collab with various NFL players, fans and supporters to encourage everyone to put a stop to domestic violence.

Q: You have won multiple titles as well as being committed to various organizations. How do you balance all that you do with being a wife and mother?

A: I must admit, I have stayed pretty busy since competing in my first competition, but I sincerely enjoy it. I have learned how to have the right people on my team to keep me consistent. When i’m not in the community I am acting in commercials, working full time, and of course being a mother and wife.

Q: What are some things that we can look forward to from you in the near future?

A: I will continue to encourage others to be apart of the “Love Does Not Hurt” Campaign, during Veteran’s Day I will be participating in various activities/parades for Veteran’s Day, I also plan to host an end of the year Empowerment Brunch in Atlanta, for the Holidays I have several events with Celebs Give Back, and in March 2015 I will compete for the Mrs. US Globe title.

Q: What are some comforting words of advice you can give to someone who is being abused either physically or emotionally?

A: It is never too early or too late to seek help. Always love yourself more than the situation, you can make it through this.

Q: How can our readers find out more about and/or donate to the “Love Does Not Hurt” campaign?

A: Supporters can log onto to support the campaign, as well as find out info on Domestic Violence.

Q: How can our readers stay in contact with you?

A: To stay connected with me please follow me on instagram @Mrsgeorgiaglobe2014 ; Twitter @stillmrsgeorgia and on facebook @ Mrs. Georgia Globe 2014


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