According to the NY Daily News, Perry was a suspected assailant in five area shootings. Ballistics tests found that the gun he used on the day of his death matched several violent crimes, including two murders. Police in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles were surveilling Perry as they had received a tip that he was allegedly preparing to commit another crime.


“I had decided to keep my grief private and home. But today I have to record,” Best said as she sat in front of a portrait of her slain daughter in her Navy uniform. “I want the world to know what a mother goes through when your child is stolen and executed for no reason.”


Six-months after the incident, Kager’s mother, Gina Best, says authorities won’t release the names of the officers that “accidentally” shot her daughter as a means to protect their safety.


The officers proceeded to shoot 30 rounds of bullets into the car killing Kager and Perry. What officers claim to not have known was that Kager’s 4-month-old son, Roman was in the back seat. The baby was unarmed as Kager used her body to protect him.


On September 5, 2015,  was in the drivers seat of her car which was parked at a 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach. A SWAT team approached her vehicle and her boyfriend, Angelo Perry, opened fire.