The following year, Rogers was investigated for child neglect after the smell of marijuana was allegedly coming from the family’s home, DCS Director Gregory McKay said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. Investigators closed the case after determining there “was no reason or legal grounds to take the children into emergency state care,” the statement says.

. In 2010, Arizona state investigators were unsuccessful in tracking Rogers down after they received allegations concerning an abrasion on her son’s forehead.

Perkins also told investigators while he was trying to figure out where Octavia’s children were, she allegedly told him, “For all I know they can be in the closet.”

“Marquis told officers he knew Octavia to smoke marijuana,” the court documents state. “Octavia had also been doing online research into various religious ideologies.”

Upon further inspection of the closet, authorities discovered the body of Rogers’s youngest son, Avery Robinson, who was 2-months-old, stuffed in one of the suitcases stacked inside the closet. A bloody sheet with a broken knife blade was also found in the room, the court documents state.

Concerned for the welfare of Rogers’s children, authorities conducted a search of the North Phoenix home. During their inspection, authorities uncovered the bodies of Rogers’ sons Jaikare Rahaman, 8, and Jeremiah Adams, 5. The bodies had been stuffed in a bedroom closet hidden underneath a pile of boxes and suitcases.

Officials restrained Rogers and moved her to a stretcher, the documents state. While treating the 29-year-old, authorities learned Rogers had three children. When asked about where they were, Rogers allegedly said the children were with her boyfriend and a friend. Perkins made contact with his sister’s boyfriend and friend who both said they had not seen the children, the court documents state.

On Thursday morning, Phoenix authorities responded to 911 call for an alleged attempted suicide. When they arrived on the scene, authorities were directed by Rogers’s brother, Marquis Perkins, to the home’s bathroom, where his sister was. Authorities forced their way into the bathroom and allegedly found Rogers in hysterics having cut her throat and stabbed herself several times in the stomach, court documents obtained by PEOPLE state.