What was your inspiration for wanting to become a music artist?

For the most part we wanted the money, cars, clothes and the girls that come with success.

In your opinion, what is the best part of being in the music industry?

The best part of the business is working with other big name rappers doing shows getting radio play around the world we like traveling.

How would you describe your sound of music?

New Age ain’t nobody doing what we doing in Central Florida where we’re from Clearwater/Tampa/Orlando areas.

What can fans expect from your Migo House Family ‘Return With a Vengeance’ mix tape?

Classics from front to back all the members are on it we got something for everyone on it.

Are you available for event performances, and what would people have to do in order to book you?

Yea we are taking dates, book us for your next show at(727)614-2900

You have many features on your mix tape. Who are some other artists that you have, or would like to work with?

We will like to work with everyone from Kodak Black to Trick Daddy. We are from Florida so we want to definitely work with Cash Money.

When can fans look forward to your mix tape dropping?

Few weeks from now we are dropping music all this year. Just check for us in your search engine because we are constantly releasing something.

How can fans stay updated with upcoming releases? Social media links/website?
Check out Migo House Records (@house_migo):