Born December 4,1985 as Chamere McCoy (Mia Monet) in Baltimore,MD. As a kid I was always into fashion I would get in trouble for walking around in my mom’s clothes,makeup and jewelry. I never wanted to look like the other kids I always had to do something extra to make me standout as an individual. I took up Home Ec in school so I could learn how to make things and sell them 8th grade I started an Denim business it was small but I used to make purses out of old Denims and sell them to kids around my neighborhood. I always participated in school fashion shows and church pageants from the time I was 2 til now. When I was of age I pursued modeling in the Big Apple which was an hard task because I didn’t know the ropes I got flaked out of photos and money bc I didn’t belong to an agency so I gave up. This is where I am now picking up where I left off in early spring of 2013 I became an XS Model for Sean Felders XS Energy Drinks not too long after that I started working with Bella Badd Productions shortly after that I took a break due to personal matters. Now I’m back and I’m working with TRW Photography pursuing the same dreams as before but this time I’m not just jumping in thinking I know what I’m doing I’m taking my time and learning everything I need to know to become an successful model. It’s more to modeling then taking an nice picture. I wanna be an model because it shows the beauty that’s can only be captured in an image. It brings a whole different perspective to life. Feeling sexy and being unique is an beautiful thing but being able to paint a beautiful picture is what brings art to life. Life as an artist has been entertaining it’s never an full moment and you’re always busy. I started pursuing music about 3 years ago before then I used to write poems. Started out as FCS/BMG First Lady there I completed projects Da Girl Next Door 1&2, performed at various venues throughout the DMV. Currently I’m an artist with KnokVille Ent and I’m currently working on my first album C.R.E.A.M expected to drop before the year is out. Music is my life I love music so many times it has stopped me from going down the wrong road. Follow me @ MiaMonet85 Follow me @ Mia Monet1 Follow me @ Mia Monet .


How was it working with Sean Felders XS Energy Drinks as an XS model?

It was an good experience working with Sean Felder as an XS Model.

Have you always wanted to be a model?

I’ve always wanted to model as an kid and I started as an teenager.

What advice do you have for models who are starting out and learning the ropes like you did?

Practice makes perfect. Train and prepare yourself for all shoots and events ahead of time. Be willing to learn and take prospective criticism.

Tell us about your new music.

I’m working on my album CREAM should be released next month it’s my life story.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years from now I see me traveling the world inspiring other women like myself.

What are your social media links?

Twitter: @MiaMonet1
Instagram: @MiaMonet85

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