J has had 14 albums on the Billboard 200 chart, one of which — G.O.A.T. Featuring James T. Smith: The Greatest Of All Time — hit No. 1. LL’s 13th studio , Authentic, was released in 2013.


Earlier on Monday, LL took to for a Kanye-esque rant (which the rapper later deleted, also in Kanye ), writing, “I want fans vs haters to start making wagers on my next album… my day 1s should bet big. I got this,” and continued on for about 13 tweets before exclaiming that the whole thing was a joke.


“Today I officially retired from ,” he initially wrote. “Thank you for the love.” However, just before 8 p.m. ET, the rapper came back on Twitter and announced that he is “officially coming out of retirement” and is “starting a new album.” Given LL Cool J’s propensity to tweet then delete today, it is unclear whether the rapper is actually heading to the studio to record an album, but if so, he promises to “massacre the rap game.”


After going on a now-deleted Twitter rant, LL Cool J announced Monday (March 14) that he is retiring from music — only to then  and a new album.


3/14/2016 by Morgan Greenwald Morgan Greenwald


Today I’m officially coming out of retirement. And starting a new album .. studio time is set for 8pm.. I’m gonna massacre the rap game!!!— LLCOOLJ. (@llcoolj) March 14, 2016