I am SunShine Jones the Owner/Founder of  Sunshine Community Outreach, INC; a Non-Profit INC where we are  committed to bring awareness to our community about the importance of marriage. Our mission is to Empower, Educate and Equip others. Lady SunShine Jones is also the founder of the Prison Wife Ministry & Our Vision is to help save marriages and keep families together that are separated by incarceration.

Lady Sunshine is a Catalyst of change to the Nation. She is a preacher and a mighty warrior of Christ! God saw fit to equip her to speak into Prison Wives, Mothers, and daughters and women who are pregnant with Destiny.  Lady SunShine has an Enormous support group and she believes in No Prison Wife Left Behind.  She has high expectations and she is very business minded. Lady SunShine started a perfume line called “Fabulous Diva”  where she inspires women to be BOLD, CLASSY, & CONFIDENT.  She is married to Philip  Jones who is Temporary Incarcerated and they are currently Building a Church without walls International, working on books, Radio shows, Television shows, Clothing & Shoe line, etc. We welcome those who would like to partner with us as we visit prisons to bring hope to the Loved Ones sitting on the other side of the walls.
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Interview by Shawana Gatlin

Tell me about your foundation.

We have a leadership foundation that helps inspire all women to become who they were called to be. We assist to rebirth, refresh, renew, replenish, and restore ladies from all different types of walks. We teach women to walk in Excellence.

I also have a Perfume line I started a little over a year ago called Fabulous Diva.

What made you want to get into a ‘Prison Wives’ ministry? I ask because women who are married and or date men in prison are judged pretty harshly. I know this firsthand because I too have a loved one in prison.

The Lord Requires us to not forget about the prisoners according to Hebrews 13:3. When you Die to the Flesh you pick up the Lord’s will over your Life and Boldly walk in what it is that he wants you to fulfill in the Earth. I am called to Minister and Stand in the Gap for those who are Incarcerated.

Was this something that was difficult to birth/start?

No, My husband Philip Jones pushed me into this Ministry; he will make sure I won’t miss Destiny! He is my Biggest Supporter.

What type of women come to you for help and why? What do they believe you will be able to do for them?

Many women come to us Broken. We give them hope of a better tomorrow and Restoration. We build women’s self esteem. We Inspire women to be Bold, Classy, and Confident. We offer prayer and support. We also help save marriages and keep families together that are separated by incarceration and much more.

Is your family supportive of your endeavors?

My Family Supports me..

You have a lot going on…Perfume, shoes and clothing lines, books etc…how do you balance it all with your ministry?

I stay Focus on the Prize by Mastering one Project at a time.

If you are successful in all the businesses that you are attempting (perfume, clothing, shoe lines, church ministry, author) and was forced to leave one…which would it be?

That is very hard, I believe if I had to choose it would be one of my books..

Do you see yourself as a fashionista?

Yes, Fashion is within me. I own it!

Who are some of your favorite clothing designers?

I love all different fashion designers. I am into African Fashion, and anything that is trendy!

Whose shoes do you love and cannot live without?

I love Red bottoms and Jimmy Choo!

What is your contact info/links?


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