When we first checked this brand out, we just knew we had to interview the creative mind behind Kustomkicks by Oosha. Thankfully Oosha was more than willing to be a part of this feature. At first glance you notice the different designs from logos of sports teams to jewels and animal prints. Taking a deeper look you can see that all the designs span across the creative spectrum. If you are searching for a unique look that makes you stand out in any crowd, this is the brand for you! Check out the full interview below with contact info & photos.


How did you get into the shoe designing business?

I considered to have always been in the business. I was inspired “Dapper Dan” of NY back in the 80’s.

Is it everything you expected it to be?

I love it. I try not to be overwhelmed as my mind tries to have my hands do more than they can do. I take on every challenge and try to improve with every pair.

How long have you been in business?

I started designing sneakers in 1987.

Who are some notable people that have worn your designs?

Carole Jones an actress and singer in the Broadway show “Book of Mormon” has a pair. I’m basically unknown. I plan to change that in 2015.

What is one of your favorite designs that you have created?

I cant really recall a favorite. I try to make every pair better than the last. I get excited at the start of each and every pair! I love my work and the pleasure from my customers is what drives me.

Are your shoes available for purchase in someone wanted more than one of the same design?

I used to duplicate shoes, I now try to go as unique as possible. I want each shoe to be a work of art.

What is the average price for a custom heel designed by you?

My shoes range from $100 to $400

Why do you love heels?

I love heels on women because of the “strut”. It makes them classy, sassy, and nasty!

What advice do you have for women who love heels but not quite sure how to wear them?

To reach for their inner sexy. Take pictures of themselves laying down in them. then literally “take baby steps”.

Where can our readers get in touch with you & keep up with your updates?

I make the design process as personal as possible. Check me out on facebook Kustomkickz by Oosha also Oosha Mitchell follow me on twitter @ OoshatheGreat also @


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