This here is the beautiful Kennedi Rae, one of Amirakal Marketing’s premier models. We had a chance to interview Ms. Kennedi with fellow model & actress De’Anna Liz. Check out her biography below along with her booking information.

Kennedi Rae

Height: 5’5
Weight: 140
Measurements: 38C-27-41

My name is Kennedi, better known as Kennedi Rae. I am 18 years old from Dallas, Tx and been living here in Georgia for little over a year and a half now. I stand 5’5, weigh about 140 pounds, curvy shaped. The reason I moved to Georgia was to be with my granny, after all, the house we are living in now she was living there by herself and my mother and I took it upon ourselves to come be with her and spend as much time with her as possible. Even though it was the hardest move of my life! Coming from an open wide city to nothing but trees and narrow roads. It took a lot of adjusting and getting use to. Slowly but surely I found a job at Wendy’s and been employed there since February of last year. Though it’s not the best job, it keeps money in my pocket but flipping burgers and working drive thru is only going to do so much. However, moving here, my mom set a few ideas in my head. Telling me how much she can see me on someone’s tv screen, traveling the world, meeting all sorts of people and just explore life. Considering the fact that I’m in the perfect area to do just that! I feel deep down truly I have something to offer. I have a pretty solid background with sports and activities I participated in such as basketball, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, taekwondo, beauty pageants, poetry slams, pool tournaments, volunteering at the animal shelter. My main goal is to be successful in life and pursue my dreams. I hope my modeling career can take me as far as I can go with it. Once I reach my goal, all I want to do is just give back, especially to my mom and grandmother, my two main supporters that’s going to be there with and for me throughout my long journey as I progress in my career. Along with that being said, I’m ready to take on the challenges that comes my way! I recently did a body paint show for 480 Studios Candle Wax Event. You can find me in my first feature in Urban Grand Stand Magazine and just completed a feature in Tattoo Closet Magazine currently shooting a Reality/Docuseries and will be walking in my first Runway fashion show called Walk Fashion Show. In September will be in my second body paint show called Wet Paint ATL.

Twitter: _Kennedirae
Instagram: _Kennedirae

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Contact: 678-545-6276