Kecia Johnson is a music industry insider with 9 years of artist management under her belt. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Florida Tech University Kecia found herself falling into her destiny through love and music. She states “I tripped and fell into the music business while I was dating someone who worked for a major label”. While being around the daily functions of the label Kecia felt she had found her place in life. She presented the opportunity to the label and they brought her on board. With hard work, dedication, and results Kecia had proven she was fit for the industry and was ready to shine. Her time in the business has been spent working for labels such as Def Jam, So So Def (Promotions), and Slip N Slide Records.

Just steps away from the fame and fortune, you would think things could only get better. But darkness cascades over Kecia’s life one day when she takes sick and faces a near-death experience from what she later discovers as AIDS, not HIV. Being active in the music industry with a public relationship, which she had been monogamous with placed Kecia in a very sensitive spot at that moment. At only 22 years old, mixed emotions, and the negative opinions of others caused Kecia to hide her diagnosis for 2 years from her family.

After time Kecia realized that God’s purpose in this was not to make her less of a woman, but to make her more of a woman. Despite a diagnosis such as AIDS, Kecia continues live ambitiously and determined to reach her goals. Since her life changing diagnosis, Kecia has taken on the role of being a full-time Activist; her priority is raising HIV/AIDS awareness through music and entertainment avenues. She became a national motivational speaker and philanthropist who travel around the country motivating others who live with HIV/AIDS and educating those who are negative. Kecia started her speaking firm “Ablsolutely Sikning Inc.” to fulfill her passion to share her story and change lives. Kecia’s greatest accomplishment is the release of her memoir, “Dying To Be D.I.V.A”. Kecia is very much a “D.I.V.A,” Doing It Vivaciously Alone and her book is sharing a story that most won’t tell. Kecia will be known for her work in the music business and her passion in love, but she will serve a legendary purpose as the new face of HIV/AIDS in 2014. Kecia states, “You need to know that the disease is nothing like it use to be and everyone with the disease has been chosen for a higher purpose.”



Q: Can you tell our readers who you are and what you do?

A: I am Kecia Johnson and I am a music industry insider turned author and philanthropist who has been living with the AIDS virus for 8 years.  Once diagnosed I took my platform from the industry and utilized it to bring awareness and education of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to the forefront.

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?

A: I would describe my fashion style as sassy, fun and pretty.  I always say that every woman just wants to feel PRETTY that is all.  It does not have to be about the label or the name brand as long as you feel pretty and look your best your job is done!

Q: What is the biggest misconception that most people have about living with or knowing someone with HIV/AIDS?

A: The biggest stigma or misconception about HIV/AIDS that I see and live on a daily is the fact that you have to “look sick” in order to have the disease.  It blows my mind how the world thinks when it comes to this as that particular reason is the bottom line as to why the numbers across the country keep increasing in the urban and other surrounding communities.


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