Beautiful, Talented, and Real are just some of the words that best describe Kalenna Harper! We had the pleasure to talk with her about many different topics including her work on ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’, the difficulties of being a music artist and her past as half of the group Bad Boy’s ‘Dirty Money’. Even as a wife and working mother of 2, this hard-working woman shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. So listen closely and see why Kalenna Harper gives new meaning to the words nofilter!



Born in Philly and raised all around the world, Kalenna’s personal style and music has been heavily influenced by her incessantly changing environment. She has lived in Germany, the Philippines, Hawaii, Alaska, Georgia and Maryland. Growing up in these different areas, Kalenna is well versed in many languages, such as: Russian, French, African, Filipino and Spanish. Kalenna’s oldest son, Meshach, is fully bilingual, speaking the Spanish and English language. Even through all the hardships she endured, Kalenna eternally knew she was destined for greatness. Her family has been there, continuously, to support her, especially her parents, Donna and Randy Howard.

Kalenna has many musical inspirations Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott, Whitney Houston, Jimmy Hendrix and Marilyn Manson, but her ultimate inspiration came from her grandmother who was very spiritual, fashionable, dainty, and womanly and the “ultimate inspiration of swag”. She is best known for being a member of the group Diddy-Dirty Money, which was fronted by entertainment/fashion mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. After the group disbanded in 2012, Kalenna engaged in a very successful songwriting career, penning songs for numerous artists including Christina Milian, Aretha Franklin, Pussycat Dolls, Ciara, Tinashe, and many more.

She learned the importance of branding and marketing and to constantly think on a larger scale. This meant taking advantage of being able to perform on shows like Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, American Idol, and meeting people like Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller. Kalenna learned that every show, meeting and interview was integral to the brand. If rehearsing for two to three months, consistently, is what it takes to help her put on a memorable show for fans, then she is willing to put in the work. When on tour with Dirty Money, she experienced some difficult times; her biological father committed suicide. When this occurred, Kalenna had time to attend the funeral, but she got right back on tour.

Today, she is wrapping up her debut solo album titled, Black Orchid.  “The album is paying homage to who I am, my heart. So many emotions of love, hate, power and sexual security in your becoming of a woman. I want people to feel all of those emotions,” says Kalenna speaking on the album. She reveals that each song on the album pertains to growing a flower, which symbolically reflects relations from a woman’s stand point. She’s taking her time in creating the album, but a single will be released within the next couple of months. Always growing and expanding in the business, Kalenna has launched her own production company, Phantom music. She recently signed a new producer whose name is Jay White. She is also in the process of working on a children’s book. Kalenna is a representative of the Lupus Foundation of America, in which she became active when her sister lost her battle with Lupus at the age of eighteen.

Although she had rough beginnings, Kalenna has gotten out of the projects and made a career for herself in the music business as a successful singer and songwriter. She is able to raise her children alongside her husband, Tony Vick. Together, this up and coming power couple are the new stars of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta where they’ve recently opened Klub Kapture. The couple has also recently given birth to a baby-boy, Noah. Whether at center stage or the boardroom table, Kalenna is a force to be reckoned with and a star with her own shine!