Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica; June Smith, CEO and Founder of TAJJ Cosmetics, watched her grandfather, father and brother operate their businesses. It is no surprise that she followed the same entrepreneurial path. As a young lady, she was constantly consulted for beauty tips and ideas. She always enjoyed enhancing the looks of others around her.

Born in the late 60s, she attended Camperdown High School in Kingston Jamaica, and later pursued a Diploma in Business Administration & Computer Application at the Toronto School of Business, Canada. A mother to three wonderful, talented and promising young sons, June currently resides in Toronto, Canada. To fully focus on her entrepreneurship, she resigned from the banking industry. In order to solve the problem of the lack of cosmetic products specifically for women of color, June turned her love and passion for beauty and fashion into a business and TAJJ Cosmetics was launched officially in July 2009. TAJJ is an acronym of the first letters of her children’s names.

Despite financing and product exposure challenges, she held on to the realization of her dream of creating a nonexistent product of value in the beauty industry. A niche product – The Incredible Corn Concealer™ which is used to conceal discoloration on the feet caused by corn. In February 2011, June launched her complete line of makeup for women of color. Her business tenacity was recognized and nominated as the 2016 Business Woman of The Year, by Woman on Fire Organization. She was also recognized with two nominations on the list of ‘The 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs’ by Black Business Women Online (BBWO) and Sista Sense Magazine in 2011 and 2014. She has also been featured on various press/media platforms including Blog Magazine Beauty Spotlight by Style & Media Leah, Ethnic Hair and Beauty Magazine, Panache Jamaica Magazine, HMGFM radio station in Florida and CHRY radio station in Canada.
Strong willed and highly motivated with a matchless passion for beauty and fashion, her goal is to revolutionize the face of the beauty industry by providing makeup products that are specifically developed for women of color, shades for our shade. She believes that “complexions are not created equal and neither should makeup – which should enhance and not create an image, she wants her customers to recognize their true inner beauty”. With a bright personality and a go getter attitude, June Smith is on her way to position the TAJJ cosmetics brand on the beauty industry map as a leading cosmetics company for women of color with stores in Canada and the USA.
June Smith enjoys being a mother to her three young men, adores all things bright, yellow and beautiful and loves seafood.

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