Q: How long have you been a model?

I started modeling in Feb 2012

Q. What do you love the most about modeling?

I love producing a diverse number of shoots for designers and magazines !!

Q. What was the craziest photo you have posed for?

I once did a nearly nude spread which was released on Ethan’s blog next to Selena Gomez Read album release calling me 1 of Dallas’s hottest !!

Q. Is it harder for men to have a modeling career than it is for women?

Sometimes I wonder when I’m at a run way show and there is 50 female models for a dozen female designers and there’s 12 maleĀ  models for maybe 2 r 3 male designers !!

Q. What was the biggest project that you have worked on?

I’ve worked on sets like Get On Up , Dallas , My All American , One Heart , Sweet Home Alabama and more.


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