The Thick Butta Pecan MIXED VIXEN and B.A.B.E Magazine’s main model “Jenna Aonyai” they WARNED you about she’s here and leaving traces of her venom along the way. Who said THICKK, CURVY and VOLUPTUOUS women can’t make it in this industry? Well “JENNA AONYAI” stands behind her craft and say’s “Love yourself and believe in you before you can make another love you. Master your craft and strut every curve you were blessed with and rock with it. Remember, CONFIDENCE is the sexiest thing a woman can be so be all you can be in the skin your in”. So with that said, this beauty bombshell is showing you what she’s working with it. She’s about her business and representing the THICKER SIDE OF SEXY and leaving her mark along the way even though she’s a familiar face in this industry there’s so much more this woman has to offer to her fans and supporters. So watch what’s next…. You never know what she will hit you with cause she’s always aiming to top anything she does and she  only gets better with time. So she will keep you pleased and focused on her, trust all eyes will be on her for sure. This butter pecan complexed woman Jenna is loved by many and on her way to being one hell of a business woman. She’s on her grind like she just stepped in the game, determined and motivated with anything she puts her passion into she will master it than demolish it. This Boricua and Italian vixen will be remembered. She keeps promises and I promise you she’ll keep your eyes wide open. Pay attention!!

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