J-Plus was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up entertaining and performing at very early age. J –Plus is what most would consider a quadruple threat: actor, dancer, model, and rapper. At the age of 11 years old, J- Plus has already graced many stages and screens with his natural talent and ability to turn pure entertainment into an art form. J-Plus is on a mission to bring awareness to pressing issues that kids face in today’s society and has been recently “Standing Up Against Bullying” in the Community. He brings comedy, drama, intensity, sincerity, and a personality that captivates the hearts of every audience that sees him. J’Plus has been in a couple movies such as “A Christmas To Remember” and Deficiency Notice as well a major role in Wanda Smith’s Musical “Superstar Dreamz”..


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What is your name and what do you do?

I Am Jalon Griggs Also Known As JPlus The Entertainer And I Act, Rap, Dance, Model, I Am A Comedian, Host, Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Radio Personality, And The List Goes On… I’m Just The Overall Entertainer.

Tell us about your upcoming single ‘Money In My Pockets’.

“Money In My Pockets” Is The New “Get Money”, The New “Money Ain’t A Thang”, It Is Officially The Anthem Right Now And The Song Is Definitely A Game Changer And I Hope That Everyone Enjoys It!

What else are you currently working on?

As Of Right Now I Have My Hand In Participating In A New Teen Talk Show, I’m Working On My Online Radio Show “I’m Just Saying” And I Have Some Extra New Music And Things Coming On The Way So Definitely Be On The Lookout For That!

We know that you are a quadruple threat with acting, dancing, modeling and rapping since the age of 11. What films and other projects have you been a part of and currently working on?

I Have Participated In Two Independent Films ” A Christmas To Remember” And “Deficiency Notice”. Furthermore I Have Participated In The Hit Musical ” SuperStar Dreamz” And Overall I’ve Just Been Doing A Whole Lot Of Work To Help Build My Craft Up To The Next Level.

What future goals do you have now that you have accomplished so much at such a young age?

My Future Goals Are To Mainly Better Myself, Take Things To The Next Level In My Career, And Most Importantly Live A Great Life That Is Fun, Purposeful, And Lavish. Also I Would Like To Change The World Through My God Given Gifts And Creativity.

How do you stay focused on your craft without making bad choices?

I Stay Focused By Being Prayed Up And Meditating. It’s Easy To Lose Focus On The Things You Don’t Care About But When It’s Something You Love You Have To Pursue It To The Fullest!

If this was not the career path that you chose, what would you be doing now?

I Would Probably Be Somewhere Finding A Way To Do What I’m Doing Now… Because Entertainertaining Is My Everything!

What is something about yourself that most people do not know?

People Probably Don’t Know That I Sometimes Battle With Self Esteem Issues On A Day To Day Basis But The Most Important Part Is That I Push Hard And Get Through It Because I Am God’s Son.

How can we keep up with you and your upcoming projects?

Follow Me On Instagram @jplus_theent, Twitter @jplus_theent, Facebook JPlus The Entertainer, And Google JPlus The Entertainer…. Everything JPlus The Entertainer Lol!


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