Team God Ent LLC was founded by Aundrey R. Hubbard (Exodus Swift) who began his music career as rap artist and producer. He had several record deals but after dealing with big labels and upper management he decided to start his own brand. He also landed a shoe line deal, a book publishing deal, and a mainstream distribution and music licensing deal. Exodus Swift has shown no signs of slowing down in his business growth.

When you were a child, did you always want to be a gospel entertainer?

No, I was raised in church, yet music wise I spent a lot of my time on the streets listening to 2pac, Twista, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Dr Dre, etc. I wrote a lot of poems also, I didn’t really think or say to myself, I’m a just do gospel music. No, I just wanted the world to hear what I had to say.

Who would you consider to be one of your biggest influences?

I’m not influenced by people, they won’t do nothing but let you down. My influences are Jesus Christ and God. Who better? Nobody!

Have you ever created/performed any music other than gospel?

Yes, my first record deal was a secular deal. But I don’t want to rehash on that.

Can you tell us about Team God Ent LLC?

TGE LLC is a independent label I started after dealing with mainstream recording companies. I wanted to put out the music I wanted to put out. I wanted to say what I wanted to say on a record. Without having someone shut it down. Or come at me with creative control issues. So I started building it with my own music. Over time I signed some talented artist and had some great releases. But mainly I’ve always been comfortable most with my initial roots of the grind. Which is basically building of my music. And since then, I own 100% of my distribution, publishing, and licensing. I also decided to expand from the music to book publishing, and fashion. With the release of my shoe line ‘Exodus Swift Shoe Collection’ so while they call us the leading gospel rap label in Michigan. I would prefer the title leading Entertainment Company. We are so much more than a music company. I can talk about our music. But I would be leaving out iTruthMinistries, Exo Gear Clothing, Team God TV, ESM, The Exodus Swift Show Collection, TGE Publishing, and so much more that actually all comes together to form TGE LLC. So basically TGE LLC is on the come up. We rising everyday and I’m not slowing down. So TGE is not slowing down.

Since signing your book publishing deal, have you released a book as of yet?

Yes, ‘Word Doctor’ and my latest book ‘My Subconscious Context’ which is published off of my own publishing deal.
6. Do you find it more difficult working with a major label or without one?
It’s more difficult, because with major labels you got to do and say so much just to be heard. On what you want for your own album. They have great resources, but sometimes the resources are not even worth it. So I obtained the resources just so I wouldn’t have to deal with major labels.

How did you decide on the name Exodus Swift?

In the bible Exodus is the book on Moses and how God used him to deliver a nation. And the term swift means quickly, so I put them together. Because I’m only trying to do what he did but quickly.

Have you released an album recently? If not, when can fans expect one? And what are your social media links?