Can you tell us about your organization Spiritual Socialites? 

SpiritualSocialites is a organization & community that ignites positive inner social change. Our digital platform shares events, inspiring stories, video clips, products and voices that highlight life-changing transformations and empowerment.

What made you realize that there was a need for an organization like Spiritual Socialites? 

After meeting other men and women in the city that were also on a Spiritual journey, we found that no community existed, so we decided to create it ourselves.

How did Kimberly Fisher and Courtney Clifford come together to form this partnership?

It was a co-creation by inspired thought, one by one ideas flowed and we took action. 

What are some events that Spiritual Socialites have held?

We plan to launch later summer/early fall. 

What are some services that Spiritual Socialites offer, that people cannot get from other sources?

Soul in The City, a New Yorkers guide to spirituality, and self improvement. A community of like-minded men and women who meet up to support each other and facilitate change. 

How can people who do not reside in New York City benefit from Spiritual Socialites?

Visit us on FB and Instagram, we love hearing from you!