What is your name and Where are you from?

My name is Scottson Daniel Osaro. I am from Nigeria.

How long have you been designing?

I started designing my clothes since high school, 12th grade to be precise.

How did you start designing your own clothes?

I used to attend this tailoring class after school, one day the teacher there beat me up like, i was having a wrestling match with him and i almost cried and ever since then have been designing on my own with the knowledge i gained, from him and it been fun since that day.

What kind of styles do you design?

I design male clothing with african patterns.

What are your inspirations from?

My inspiration, God is my inspiration, because He is the master of art, and fashion is art.

What other items do you plan on adding to your line?

I would add kids clothing, female clothing and shoe line.

Do you do custom orders as well?

Yes, I do custom order.

Are your clothes available for purchase? If so, where?

Umm no, they are not available for now, but definitely it would be available 2016. I am working on it.

What are your website and/or social links?

I don’t have a website for now. But i do have social media links.

Facebook : Scottson Daniel Osaro
Instagram : Official_sdccollection
Twitter : i_am_sdc

Photo Gallery: