What is the meaning behind your company’s name  ‘NOTTEVERA’?

NOTTEVERA is a play on two Italian words meaning ‘true night’. The reason I chose  NOTTEVERA was the clarity with which it conveyed my vision of what I wanted my brand to represent – namely the mix of sensual emotions and experiences consumed in New York after dark and how all that energy can be reinterpreted into bold statement pieces that are unmistakably feminine, modern and unique.

What makes ‘NOTTEVERA’ different from other fashion brands?

We are passionate about creating top-quality, one-of-a-kind products our customers can be proud of. Our strengths lie in creative product design, the use of innovative materials, careful attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. A NOTTEVERA handbag is not merely a beautiful product, it is a process, an evolution of ideas, the result of our pursuit for creating something truly personal and unique for our customers.

Why did you decide to create a fashion brand made strictly for women?

I have always been attracted to confident women. To me, confidence is the ultimate definition of sexy. A woman who is comfortable with her looks defines her own beauty. It’s the way she thinks about herself that makes her beautiful. So I set out to create a brand that would empower women, a brand of substance that values craftsmanship through exquisite, beautiful and timeless designs.

Being that your clothing is handcrafted, how important is it to be meticulous with the details of every design?

Our reputation is based on the quality of our products, that’s why we have put in place a thorough and uncompromising process that reflects our passion for handcrafted techniques, mathematically calculated proportions and delightfully unexpected details. Only such process can ensure our brand integrity.

In addition to leather, are there any other materials that you use in the creation of your pieces?

We use all kinds of fabrics for our clothing collections, but leather constitutes the bulk of our business. We work closely with our tanneries in developing our materials. We select our hides based on 3 key qualities: color, texture and richness and we handpick only the finest hides for our products. We have an intimate knowledge of what it takes to bring out the unique natural beauty of every hide we select, and we use our vast experience to guarantee a very high quality of finish to every product we manufacture.

Why is it so important to create pieces that are beautiful, as well as, long-lasting?

The NOTTEVERA woman is elegant, charismatic and unapologetically feminine. She knows the difference between style and current trends and is not afraid to define herself with original ideas. For us, the challenge is to keep her interested, and we have a clear point of view as to what she wants and expects from us, and we design our collections accordingly.

If you could choose, who is the one female celebrity that you would want to wear one (or more) of your pieces and why?

Nicole Kidman, because she’s the epitome of elegance and style.

What are your social media links and website for those who want to shop with you?

Our website is, we constantly update it with new products and content. Our facebook page is, and our twitter and Instagram handles are @nottevera & @nottevera.


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